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Pop!_Planet is growing!

Since System76 (and, by extension, Pop!_OS) uses Mattermost for communications, we at Pop!_Planet are following suit. Services like Slack changed the way people, especially businesses, communicate. Mattermost took it a step further by allowing users to bring the service in-house. And yet, none of the services in this category has yet to release a decent native app. Both Slack and Mattermost, along with a host of other popular platforms, chose to release their official apps as little more than a Node wrapper around their webapp. While this does allow for a quick turnaround on development, and allows the app to be cross-platform with little to no effort, it also results in users having to run yet another glorified web browser, with all the headaches, inconsistencies and bottlenecks that come along with it.

Our solution is a two-part development project. First, we are actively working on developing an API library in Rust for working with the Mattermost API. This library is called Maco (Mattermost API COnnector) and will be released under the MIT license. Once we have a fully working (if incomplete) library, we will begin working on the actual Mattermost GTK3 client. The client, called Silva, will also be written in Rust and released under the MIT license.

Further, we finally decided to get social! Yesterday, we officially launched the Pop!_Planet Twitter account. Follow us to get updates on both Pop!_Planet and projects released by our team!