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Pop!_Planet… Redux!

Since day one, we’ve said that we wanted Pop!_Planet to be a resource for the Pop community. However, the Pop community has never had a real community feel. Sure, we’ve got the awesome live chat system, but that’s not ideal for content sharing. We’ve got the Pop!_OS subreddit, but Reddit only goes so far in terms of support… the concept of searching is severely limited, resulting in circular questions that get asked over and over again. We thought it was high time the Pop community has a true community hub.

What does this mean for the wiki?

It’s not going anywhere! The original Pop!_Planet wiki has moved to for the time being. We’re planning on working to integrate it more tightly with the new community site, and will continue to provide content updates as time and resources permit. You can find a quick link to the wiki up in the main menu.

What if System76 launches their own forum?

Good! Pop!_OS is the brainchild of System76, so final say as to what they want to support officially is theirs. If they choose to launch a forum, we’ll happily step aside (at least in that regard) and allow them to run a forum as they see fit. We’re hopeful, however, that if System76 decides to invest the time and energy into maintaining a forum, they’ll work with us to provide a sense of legitimacy to the platform (and community) we’re already building.

Forums are public; how do I know what users can give me good answers?

Short answer? Not every answer you receive will be perfect. While we (both Pop!_Planet Team members and community users) strive to give quick, accurate responses, nobody is perfect. However, anyone whose name is blue or red is on the Pop!_Planet Team and is someone we trust. Additionally, if any System76 employees choose to join the forum, they will have a special System76 banner on their usercard.

I have a problem with…

If you have a problem with the site, or a suggestion or question about the site, please post it in the Site Discussion forum. If you have something you want to talk to us privately about, there is a contact link in the footer.