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    Question Beginner Bizarre screen artifacts on Brand-new RX580

    Are you not using mesa already? I thought about trying out mesa-git (daily version) over the one that comes by default in Pop!_OS in order to determine if the bug has possibly been fixed.
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    Question Beginner Bizarre screen artifacts on Brand-new RX580

    Unfortunately if that's the case I believe it might be a hardware defect that just doesn't get provoked by Windows, or maybe some manufacturer specific bug (in this case Gigabyte) although I doubt it. You should also make sure that it's not the HDMI cable causing the issues. You might as well...
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    Question Beginner Bizarre screen artifacts on Brand-new RX580

    Also make sure to check https://www.protondb.com/ for information on how well the games run with proton compatibility layer and what kinds of bugs you can expect and what sorts of tweaks you might be required to do in order to get them working as well as possible, like using proton experimental...
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    Question Beginner Bizarre screen artifacts on Brand-new RX580

    Could you try running those games with the proton compatibility layer from Valve (steam play)? There is a slight possibility that the linux versions of those games have a defect.
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    Question Solved Which program to use to burn [Windows] iso to an usb?

    Another neat method to easily make multi-boot USB sticks that supports WIN10 isos and various linux ISOs is Ventoy. You can find more info on their site: https://www.ventoy.net/en/index.html
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    Unable to Activate SLI

    Considering how poorly Nvidia supports linux in general, it wouldn't surprise me that SLI isn't even supported properly on linux, have you done your research beforehand to make sure that they support SLI on linux?
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    Operating system Identity

    I absolutely agree with @derpOmattic, Pop!_OS is one of the most iconic linux operating systems in the history of desktop linux-based operating systems in my opinion. I would love to see some basic customization options like dynamically switching between light/dark themes during the day and...
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    Hello from Fairbanks Alaska

    Welcome to the community! 😄
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    Usability suggestion for pop-upgrade

    It's not a half upgraded state at all. The pop-upgrade only downloads all the debs to install after user does a Reboot, that's where all the installing and upgrading is done. If OS would reboot immidiately that would give user no freedom to finish working and save things that they were wokring...
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    Question Screen tearing on NVIDIA.

    Back when I was using Nvidia force full composition pipeline would ruin performance too much for me. If you're running gnome desktop tearing in Gnome shell itself shouldn't be a thing. For firefox a fix is to enable webrender: 1) Enter about:config 2) Set these flags to true...
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    Night light thingie ...

    If you have allowed your system to access your network location, sunset to sunrise option should be similar across both devices. If you haven't please check the permissions since maybe that is what is keeping the option from working properly.
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    Question Beginner Configuring Built-in Sound Card

    Oh you lucky man :P Lemur Pro looks amazing! And is 100% guaranteed to be compatible with Linux-based systems.
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    Solved Where did the SMB/CIFS mounts go?

    SMB shares can usually be accessed with the path smb://<IP>
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    Pop!_Planet Intro.

    I was thinking of developing a series of Tips & Tricks videos to show people how to do different things in Pop!_OS. I'd gladly contribute and make it a part of Pop!_Planet's official video series if you guys would be interested.
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    Question Beginner Configuring Built-in Sound Card

    Hey, sorry to hear about your troubles. What you're describing sounds like a kernel driver bug/issue that basically kernel loses the connection to your sound card. I had similar issues with my fingerprint sensor before it got fixed. Being reproducable across multiple distros also speaks in...