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  • Happy New Year!

    I'll get straight to the point.

    When I started Pop!_Planet, I launched it because I saw a need for a centralized community for Pop!_OS. To be frank, I never expected the level of popularity it has achieved. Over the last year, we have gone from under 50 users, to almost 400 users. That's awesome! However... it also comes with a downside. We are rapidly running out of disk space on our server, and the bandwidth costs go up every month.

    Pop!_Planet is not affiliated with System76 in any way, and is funded completely out of pocket. From day one, I said that I'd never use on-site ads (I hate them as much as you do), so the only monetization we get is through donations. Right now, the donations we receive don't even cover our overhead.

    I know that most users will ignore this message, and that's ok. However, if even a few of our users are willing and able to donate a few dollars to help offset our expenses, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Dan Griffiths
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  1. mmstick

    The Pop!_OS Roadmap has been updated.

    It would have been nice if extensions were launched as isolated processes; using IPC to communicate to and from the shell. That would have allowed extensions to be written in any language, and handled in a concurrent / asynchronous way.
  2. mmstick

    The Pop!_OS Roadmap has been updated.

    I only wish that I didn't have to write all of this in JavaScript. 😅 There are so many limitations on the kinds of data structures and operations that I can do, which will make this a bit more difficult than it needs to be. I hope that GNOME will eventually support using WebAssembly in GJS...
  3. mmstick

    Running multiple Linux OS

    If you're installing multiple operating systems on a system, you're already well outside what the average user does, so you have to have the know how to do this. The same things happens with GRUB when it nukes the configurations you defined in the grub.cfg in another Linux distribution. All of...
  4. mmstick

    Running multiple Linux OS

    It doesn't "eat" GRUB. It simply sets systemd-boot as the default boot loader during install. I would recommend switching your other distributions to systemd-boot. You can define boot entries in `/boot/efi/loader/entries`. It's much easier to work with than having to maintain a GRUB config on...
  5. mmstick

    This Month in Pop! - 1

    You can follow that progress here. It is planned for the 20.04 release.
  6. mmstick

    Question Replacing gnome

    You're free to install either Budgie, KDE, or both.
  7. mmstick

    Question Replacing gnome

    The desktop packaging does not come with very many applications. Most of them are pretty useful even within other desktop environments.
  8. mmstick

    Question Replacing gnome

    Why remove it, instead of installing another desktop environment and switching to it on the login screen? You can't remove any of Pop's desktop packaging if you expect to have the Pop desktop installed.
  9. mmstick

    Question Problems with intel drivers (i915) after upgrade to 19.10 (and 5.3 kernel)

    It's not necessary to be installed since Intel drivers now use the generic modesetting driver. You could always reinstall it if it gives you issues.
  10. mmstick

    Question Problems with intel drivers (i915) after upgrade to 19.10 (and 5.3 kernel)

    Yes, `xserver-xorg-video-intel` is the same as `xf86-video-intel`.
  11. mmstick

    Question Updating to 19.10 from installation media

    To perform an upgrade, no. To refresh the OS or reinstall, yes.
  12. mmstick

    Question Solved Problems with kernelstub

    I don't see the FAT32 EFI partition in that partition list, which is the problem. Kernelstub can't do anything if the EFI partition isn't mounted at `/boot/efi`
  13. mmstick

    Kernel options? Help!

    If that's what `/proc/cmdline` states, then that's what was set. Was that Ubuntu install of the same version kernel? You may need a different workaround for a newer kernel.
  14. mmstick

    Kernel options? Help!

    It has a help page: `kernelstub -h`
  15. mmstick

    Kernel options? Help!

    See `kernelstub`: `sudo kernelstub -a acpi_osi=! acpi_osi='Windows 2009'`