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Recent content by Nezmin2

  1. Nezmin2

    Remove all instances of Genshin Impact

    Is there a terminal cmd to see a list of packages installed?
  2. Nezmin2

    Upgrades being held back

    Ok thanks. It still didn't help with the wine-staging issue, but the other updates/upgrades were faster then normal.
  3. Nezmin2

    Remove all instances of Genshin Impact

    I was testing several ways to install the game and now I want to clean up my system. I tried Lutris, Steam and through terminal. Your assistance would be much appreciated.
  4. Nezmin2

    Remove all instances of Genshin Impact

    Hey guys, how do I use apt to remove every file/package associated with Genshin Impact?
  5. Nezmin2

    Upgrades being held back

    I even ran the following with no luck:
  6. Nezmin2

    Upgrades being held back

    So after a lot of Google research and thoroughly reading through the log, I found that the "libvkd3d1" and "libvkd3d1:i386" would deprecated below the "hirsute-1" files. Thoughts?
  7. Nezmin2

    Upgrades being held back

    Guy's, I ran the following: Sudo apt update and I got the upgrade available response. I then ran Sudo apt upgrade and nothing was upgraded. However, it told me that the upgradable files were held back. So then I ran Sudo apt-get update Sudo apt-get upgrade and it still says held back...
  8. Nezmin2

    Rollback NVFBC patch for shadowplay on Linux

    Hey Guy's, I installed the NVFBC patch for the NVIDIA driver yesterday and figured out that I needed the NVENC patch instead. However, when I try to rollback the patch I receive a "file not found" error. Command I used was: bash ./patch.sh -r The page I am using for the information is...
  9. Nezmin2

    Auto start NeoFetch

    Perfect...Thank you
  10. Nezmin2

    Auto start NeoFetch

    I followed your steps exactly and here are the results:
  11. Nezmin2

    Auto start NeoFetch

    I can run neofetch and get the screen I want (neofetch runs). However, when I added it to the .bashrc file, it says that its not installed.
  12. Nezmin2

    Auto start NeoFetch

    I added Neofetch, which is installed and I get this:
  13. Nezmin2

    Auto start NeoFetch

    Hey guys, is there a way to get Neofetch to run automatically when the terminal is run? Thanks...
  14. Nezmin2

    Genshin Impact

    Hey Guy's, For those who want to know, I was able to install and play Genshin Impact after following the steps at: https://notabug.org/Krock/GI-on-Linux I've been playing since June without any issues.
  15. Nezmin2

    Multi Monitor setup question

    Yes... So after digging all over the web, I found that the tool for this was built into PopOS by default. I made the change in the settings as shown in the screenshot, rebooted, and everything worked as desired. When I opened the NVIDIA server config, it was set as I had setup the display...