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Recent content by TeamLinux01

  1. TeamLinux01

    Do Auto orientation and tablet mode exist in 2in1 convertible laptop?

    The on-screen keyboard is actually an Accessibility setting. Go to Settings, Accessibility. It is under the Typing category and turn on Screen Keyboard.
  2. TeamLinux01

    Do Auto orientation and tablet mode exist in 2in1 convertible laptop?

    Here is what I noticed on the 2-in-1 that I have Pop!_OS installed on. Auto-rotation worked fine on Pop!_OS 20.04 (Intel/AMD). I upgraded to 20.10 and it disappeared. I would suggest downloading 20.04, booting from the install media and checking if auto-rotation works, if it does, you might...
  3. TeamLinux01

    First computer build and just downloaded Pop OS - Is Linux for me and my needs? (video editing and youtube channel)

    Maybe this video will help a little: Review - Pop!_OS 20.04 As for the command line, check out this tutorial (Pop!_OS is based on Ubuntu, so a lot of it applies): The Linux command line for beginner
  4. TeamLinux01

    Change Directory path of Downloads folder

    When using ~ in a terminal will expand to your home path /home/mto/ Try ln -s /media/mto/Volume/Users/nico-/Documents/ ~/Documents That should make a link /home/mto/Documents to /media/mto/Volume/User/nico-/Documents assuming that your Windows partition is mounted at /media/mto/Volume Also, the...
  5. TeamLinux01

    Change Directory path of Downloads folder

    My suggestion would be to remove the folders, then create symbolic links to the paths you wish to use. It does require using the terminal to run commands to create the symbolic links, but is pretty straight forward.
  6. TeamLinux01

    Solved PopOS can't find a drive

    The AMP link is broken, so where is the normal link https://www.tecmint.com/create-raid0-in-linux/
  7. TeamLinux01

    Solved PopOS can't find a drive

    @davidparks21, unfortunately Intel software RAID is not supported on Linux Desktop or at least doesn't work Out-of-the-Box from what I understand. Maybe this information would help? You could disable the RAID0 in the BIOS/UEFI settings, then setup a /boot partition as MD RAID1 and then MD RAID0...
  8. TeamLinux01

    I can't sudo

    @kevinix, You may have to boot a live media and edit some files to fix the issue. https://www.tecmint.com/fix-user-is-not-in-the-sudoers-file-the-incident-will-be-reported-ubuntu/ I think the issue might have been using the / in from of data when doing usermod -aG /data kevin.
  9. TeamLinux01

    Error installation

    It looks like Windows is hibernated. You should run chkdsk on Windows and disable Fast Startup. You can also run the ntfsfix -d /dev/DEVICE_NAME_PARTITION_NUMBER command on linux after do those two things. I don't think secure boot is a problem, as computer would have refused to boot the media...
  10. TeamLinux01

    Question unable to edit wiki

    I just tried editing the Installation guide on the Wiki to point to the LTS downloads and I was unable to edit it. I have logged in via Github authentication. Thanks for the hard work of this site; I appreciate it.
  11. TeamLinux01

    Apple's to penguins.

    Now that ExFAT is being built into the Linux Kernel, I would say use that for any external HDDs or USB flash drives for compatibility with other OSes.
  12. TeamLinux01

    I think I broke my usb

    Try the command sudo umount /dev/sdd3 then sudo fsck /dev/sdd3 Although, the "Disk write-protected" does not inspire confidence, it could be a hardware issue that is going on.
  13. TeamLinux01

    Beginner Hidden Disks

    derpOmattic is right about the way Wine prefixes work; You won't be able to just point Lutris to the League of Legends folder, the prefix also contains the Windows folders and registry that makes up a Windows system. Storage devices get mounted a bit differently in Linux than in Windows. The...
  14. TeamLinux01

    Calculator Key Crash Gnome Session

    I just tried ET-KG010 Keyboard with its calculator key on the Pop!_OS laptop at my desk. It opened the calculator app without any additional configuration. It makes me think that it is a specific problem with that model keyboard.
  15. TeamLinux01

    Calculator Key Crash Gnome Session

    Have you tried remapping the key to "Launch calculator" under the Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts? Just curious if that helps.