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    I'll get straight to the point.

    When I started Pop!_Planet, I launched it because I saw a need for a centralized community for Pop!_OS. To be frank, I never expected the level of popularity it has achieved. Over the last year, we have gone from under 50 users, to almost 400 users. That's awesome! However... it also comes with a downside. We are rapidly running out of disk space on our server, and the bandwidth costs go up every month.

    Pop!_Planet is not affiliated with System76 in any way, and is funded completely out of pocket. From day one, I said that I'd never use on-site ads (I hate them as much as you do), so the only monetization we get is through donations. Right now, the donations we receive don't even cover our overhead.

    I know that most users will ignore this message, and that's ok. However, if even a few of our users are willing and able to donate a few dollars to help offset our expenses, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Thank you for your time,

    Dan Griffiths
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  1. TeamLinux01

    Gaming on Linux Pop!_Os

    May we inquire what video card make and model you are using?
  2. TeamLinux01

    Introducing the Pop!_Planet Community Repository!

    Any news on documenting the Community Repo? One of the things I would like to see added would be more up-to-date Gnome Shell Extensions. I find it annoying to install/update the extensions from a website and Ubuntu's repo have really old versions of extensions I like, such as GSConnect. It...
  3. TeamLinux01

    Power Management Design Interface

    I have no experience in this area, but I am curious at how each power profile affects games. Would there/should there be a profile recommended for gaming or would the default profile just be the best? I am also curious now that Ubuntu 20.04 includes GameMode...
  4. TeamLinux01

    My Review of Pop!_OS 20.04

    Thank you for your review, first and foremost. I take it you are using your computer in legacy BIOS mode or it doesn't support UEFI? If UEFI mode is used, Pop!_OS will use Systemd-boot (https://support.system76.com/articles/bootloader/) instead of GRUB; that could be the reason you were having...
  5. TeamLinux01

    I can't flash a Pop!_OS LiveUSB in Windows

    I see this all the time, I am pretty sure that Windows just hides the ISO9660 partition, so it doesn't show up at all. I just looked at a USB drive that was written with Pop!_OS 19.10 Intel ISO; it shows the first partition as ISO9660 2.2GB, second partition is EFI 4.2MB and third is Ext4 13GB...
  6. TeamLinux01

    video card upgrade

    Usually the CPU will not cause a GPU to work. It has more to do with the chip-set on the motherboard that will prevent a GPU from working properly. The GPU should work, it might not be able to output the full performance of the GPU do to the CPU speed/cores and the PCIe bus speed (maybe 90% of...
  7. TeamLinux01

    Help us name our next product!

    Would something like "Web Managed Package Platform" or "WMPP" work as a name for this?
  8. TeamLinux01

    Question Darktable still not 3.0?!?

    I am hoping that when Pop!_Shop ships with flatpak support, having out-dated tools and other applications will be minimized. I personally install SNAPd and flatpaks already, but it is always nice to see integration for app repos.
  9. TeamLinux01

    Accessing data partition on encrypted drive from another PC via usb?

    Hello MostHated, If I remember correctly, when you try to access the LUKS (encrypted partition) from GNOME files (file manager) on another PC running Linux/GNOME 3, it should ask you for the encrypted passphrase of the drive. Once the passphrase is entered correctly, it will mount the partition...
  10. TeamLinux01

    Question Intermediate AMD graphichs - which to choose ?

    I haven't had any issues with my RX 580 using a eGPU enclosure. The RX 5xx series seem to do very well on Linux.
  11. TeamLinux01

    Question Beginner Pop OS 19.04 installer not showing my hard drive

    I noticed that the partition is MBR. Are you booting via UEFI or legacy mode? I would think legacy mode, at which point doesn't Pop!_OS not use /boot/efi and installs grub instead of kernelstub?
  12. TeamLinux01

    Hey! I am having trouble installing Pop OS 19.04, I'm a newb, and would like some help

    That makes me wonder if there is a BIOS update that would fix the issue, it sounds like the software is doing something the hardware doesn't expect normally.
  13. TeamLinux01

    Hey! I am having trouble installing Pop OS 19.04, I'm a newb, and would like some help

    Just curious, try with the Intel/AMD ISO. It shouldn't hurt anything, as it is only missing the nVidia driver and if it does install, you can just install the drivers after that. Try using the LTS version if you haven't already. Not that I expect it to act differently, but if it does then maybe...
  14. TeamLinux01

    Question Running out of space on boot drive

    To answer question 1, mounting is like creating a shortcut so to speak. It tells the OS to look over at this other location for the data and paths instead of the root filesystem. It does not create a copy of the data. You can even hide the original contents and make that inaccessible by mounting...
  15. TeamLinux01

    Good day, peeps!

    I am looking forward to the day System76 can start manufacturing their own laptops, but I am sure that is a long way off. I wonder if Clevo will make an Intel/Radeon laptop at some point in the future, as that would be another system I would potentially want if I can't get a full AMD laptop. I...