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Recent content by wrhgw

  1. wrhgw

    Question Screen tearing with Intel graphics

    In 19.10 I managed to solve this by turning on gpu acceleration in about:config. With the latest 80+ FF and 20.04 I have tried any gpu acceleration setting imaginable and it never works. This is truly frustrating and I can't figure out where it is Pop or FF which the culprit. Any developments?
  2. wrhgw

    Guide Solved Pop-Extra icon theme in flathub

    `/usr/share/icons/Pop/index.theme` does get overwritten during `pop-shell` updates however. Is there a way to safely prevent it from being overwritten?
  3. wrhgw

    Guide Solved Pop-Extra icon theme in flathub

    Actually, I just added "breeze-dark" before "Pop-Extra" in this file /usr/share/icons/Pop/index.theme and okular picked up the white breeze icons for the missing items!
  4. wrhgw

    Guide Solved Pop-Extra icon theme in flathub

    Hi, The move to flatpaks is nice but often there are theme problems. For instance, flatpaks check the set theme and if not found, default to Adwaita, which on okular with dark mode looks awful. The problem is that flathub only has the old Pop themes org.gtk.Gtk3theme.Pop...
  5. wrhgw

    Question Help: sd card reader much slower in Linux

    The sd card reader on my Thinkpad T430 gives read speeds of 18-20 MBps under Linux (Pop OS/Mint/Manjaro) but 33-40 MBps on Windows 7. The write speed on Windows is 17-20 MBps but on all Linux OS's copying a file to the sd card jumps instantaneously to ~90% and stays there until it says...
  6. wrhgw

    Question Help: black screen after pop-shell update

    Well, it turned out to be a classic case of something changing permissions in the home directory. So sudo chown -R $(whoami):$(whoami) ~/ fixed it.
  7. wrhgw

    Question Help: black screen after pop-shell update

    Today I received an update for `pop-shell`on 20.04 (Intel) which I had disabled due to the many bugs. After the update I re-enabled it and my screen turned black only showing the cursor. Reboot and reinstalling `pop-desktop` doesn't fix it. What can I do to fix this?
  8. wrhgw

    About the new laucher

    That's fine. I am happy the team is working on such novel additions as the launcher. It's normal to take some time for all features to arrive. Stability is more important anyway.
  9. wrhgw

    Question Help me make sense of the tiling shortcuts

    As I said in the OP, I always have at least 3 active workspaces. gTile works best for me because I prefer to have tiling only on some workspaces and windows.
  10. wrhgw

    About the new laucher

    Does the new launcher have a memory for most launched applications so they rank first like Ulauncher has? Are there any special keyboard shortcuts one can use with the launcher itself except the command execution and calculations?
  11. wrhgw

    Question Help me make sense of the tiling shortcuts

    Thanks for the reply. For now I disabled it and installed the gTile extension. This way I can tile windows only on a single workspace and preserve the familiarity and power of GNOME. I feel this gives me the best of both worlds.
  12. wrhgw

    Question Help me make sense of the tiling shortcuts

    Overall, I am very thrilled by the 20.04 release but I can't say the same for the keyboard shortcuts. I truly appreciate the devs' work and I hope somebody could enlighten me how these shortcuts can make me more productive, not pull my hair. First and foremost, when in tiling adjustment mode...
  13. wrhgw

    Question Help: Login loop after upgrade

    Yet another login loop after upgrading... This time from 18.04 to 19.10. This resulted in a black flashing screen. I tried many things to get gdm and xserver started/reinstalled but nothing fixed it. Xserver cannot be started and after I reconfigured gdm3, the login screen appeared but I get the...
  14. wrhgw

    Bring back the orange!

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. I can live with it now when I understand the logic.