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  1. Gnuserland

    Question How to disable the "pop!_shop" daemon?

    Hi there, can anyone lead me on the right direction to disable the pop!_shop daemon? By any chance are those services involved? apt-daily-upgrade.timer apt-daily.timer Thanks in advance!
  2. Gnuserland

    New article about uncommon graphic application tools

    This is actually an integration of another article, I have been pretty busy for a while but eventually I was able to finish it! https://write.snopyta.org/gnuserland/still-about-graphic-design-applications
  3. Gnuserland

    Solved Custom and local .desktop file does not work...

    Hi there, I have a .desktop launcher, stored in ~/.local/share/applications/, that works fine on Debian and XFCE4 but it doesn't work with POP! and Gnome3, I am not aware if there are some policies that belong to Gnome or POP!/Ubuntu that prevent to run locals binaries. This menu entry is not...
  4. Gnuserland

    Question Solved Boot in verbose mode by default?

    Hi All, I would like to have a boot in verbose mode with the list of the kernels and bios available by default like GRUB2 does, I read the manual and I saw you should create a file "loader.conf" in the boot loader folders. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Systemd-boot#BIOS_boot...
  5. Gnuserland

    Question Flatpak and Nvidia Run-time

    Hi there, FLATPAK is a topic relatively new for anyone and I have very few knowledge about it, I basically I installed some applications that haven't the latest version available on POP/Ubuntu through Flatpak, everything is cool but since the moment FLATPAK is confined it seems the applications...
  6. Gnuserland

    Rebase POP! on PureOS

    Hello there, this is a pure provocation but modern distro should be rolling while Ubuntu is a release based distro. Ubuntu has a big issue respect Debian, while it offers a bunch of software more it has for any cycle almost the 70% of the packages, the ones available on Universe, buggy. I am...
  7. Gnuserland

    Beginner "Show Desktop" button without extension...

    Hi there I wrote an article to have a show desktop button on POP! without using extensions, it is an old trick that is born when Docky didn't have a show desktop function yet. The usual spicy and personal comments are at the bottom of the article. https://write.snopyta.org/gnuserland/show-desktop
  8. Gnuserland

    Intermediate Disable tracker forever

    New article, how to disable tracker for ever: https://write.snopyta.org/gnuserland/the-mysterious-case-of-tracker
  9. Gnuserland

    Gnome Search Settings Documentation, where can I find it?

    Hi all, I am trying to give a sense to the existence of Tracker however without a readable documentation I am unable to understand how to tweak it. I would like to know if anyone of you can help me to land at the official documentation; At a first sight It seems intuitive but when you look at...
  10. Gnuserland

    Post Installation part I & II

    Hi folks, I have been writing about my personal post-installation. You can find the current links below: Part one: https://write.snopyta.org/gnuserland/post-installation-work-in-progress Part two...
  11. Gnuserland

    Arc Menu - extension

    Hi guys, https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1228/arc-menu/ this menu works with POP! 19.04, just install: gir1.2-dbusmenu-gtk3-0.4 and gir1.2-gmenu-3.0; and reload the shell.
  12. Gnuserland

    About the Gnome-Shell extensions...

    This time I addressed the Gnome-Shell extensions topic, I hope that System76 shall seriously consider my suggestions! https://write.snopyta.org/gnuserland/about-the-gnome-shell-extensions
  13. Gnuserland

    Welcome back to home POP!

  14. Gnuserland

    New article: Tuning the encryption!

    I continue my series on POP!, today I wrote how unlocking the second disk "automagically" with a key instead of a password! Check this out! https://write.snopyta.org/gnuserland/tuning-the-encryption
  15. Gnuserland

    Static Web Documentation on Firefox on Live CD

    Hi there, I think it could be wise if the Firefox on LiveCD has for default page a static version of the online POP! documentation so if anyone needs to repair something without connection can easily access to the documentation and fix or repair his/her system. What do you think? Thanks...
  16. Gnuserland

    Blog about my experience with Pop and my Serval Laptop

    Hi All, after ten years of Debian I decided to make a change and since the moment I am a System76 laptop owner I decided to give to POP!_OS a chance, I also decided to leave a footprint about my experience, hence I opened a blog where you can read my misadventure... 😛...
  17. Gnuserland

    [RESOLVED] Partitioning Dilemma

    I am almost ready to install POP! I have just one small dilemma I am not sure about how partitioning my Serval... Right now I have 2 SSD of 250GB each, I always created separate partitions for /root and /home but the usual 30GB I have the habit to designate for /root today are very few, I...
  18. Gnuserland

    [RESOLVED] Extending the root partition?

    Hi folks, I described a method to extend the root partition adding a second disk, all that I am doing is a preparation for a real installation. The method is available at the following link (no tracking, no seo, no google, nothing) hence I will avoid to rewrite it...
  19. Gnuserland


    Hi Guys, this is Gnuserland and this is my first post. I am a Serval laptop owner since the 2017 but I've never used POP nor Ubuntu on it. Now I am trying to install POP!_OS but the installation is not working out as I would be expected... :rolleyes: I am narrating my misadventure on a blog...