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  1. RCodi

    Reviewed by Linus Tech Tips

    Was pretty surprised to see a Thelio with Pop being reviewed in my subscriptions today - should drive more traffic to Pop!
  2. RCodi

    Post Your Rig

    Checking in with a Dell Inspiron 13 5378, runs like a dream!
  3. RCodi

    Fellow space cadet checking in

    Hello all! Caution: This intro may get a bit long winded I'm not usually one to participate in distro communities as I generally distro hop and my time with each is brief. I've found Pop!_OS very endearing and while I cannot justify a System76 hardware purchase I do love their philosophy...
  4. RCodi

    Suggestion regarding Firefox

    I'd like to suggest disabling the title bar by default to save some screen real estate, I can't imagine anyone actually wants that turned on and many may not know how to turn it off. (For those that don't know, there is a toggle in the bottom left of the customize tool bar page accessible by...