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  1. derpOmattic

    Question How to uninstall old nvidia drivers

    If the NVIDIA module is loaded, using nvidia-smi should do it. If that doesn't work for you, Here's three other methods.
  2. derpOmattic

    Question Cannot wake from suspend

    Normally sudo kernelstub -a <option> to add kernel parameters. You should be able to delete kernelstub -d what you've done and then update initramfs. Reverting would be easily done with Timeshift, which I heartily recommend. if you're having trouble, you could try to boot into "old...
  3. derpOmattic

    Add "Downloads" folder to dash to dock

    I'm replying so you don't think you've been ignored. I have never used Dash-to-dock (or dash-to-panel), so I couldn't say with any certainty. However, I think some people do. Adding all these functions back to GNOME DE, that GNOME has intentionally removed is a bit counter productive. GNOME...
  4. derpOmattic

    Question Cannot wake from suspend

    If you have a UEFI installation, Pop uses systemd boot and kernelstub. Look at the README.md for uses cases, options and kernel parameters. Almost anything you can do with GRUB can be done with kernelstub, only it is simpler.
  5. derpOmattic

    Multi workspaces on multi monitors

    Hey, I remember this from the live chat. Unfortunately, GNOME doesn't operate like that and I don't know any extensions or work-arounds that make it happen. I'm no desktop environment expert by any stretch, but I think you may be looking at a window manager like i3wm to achieve that. It would...
  6. derpOmattic

    Cannot fix Sudo Apt Update Errors

    The eoan repo is deprecated. You will have to install 20.04 LTS or the current 20.10. If you don't know how to back up properly, just ask.
  7. derpOmattic

    Question Constant Wifi problems

    Intel WiFi cards are the better option in most cases. Somethings you could try: Turn off "connectivity checking". When the problem happens, try restarting shell. Done with Alt + F2, then r and enter. I was having the odd drop out, and I inadvertently had an improvement after installing a...
  8. derpOmattic

    Question How to uninstall old nvidia drivers

    That's new to me, NVIDIA Flatpak. I don't use NVIDIA, but removing Flatpaks is usually done with flatpak uninstall <package> Run flatpak list to see a list of your options. I don't know if the package name is correct, but below is an example. flatpak uninstall...
  9. derpOmattic

    Some things you should know about Zoom, if you value privacy.

    This article from the intercept was created to help anyone who is intending to leak Zoom video. However, what it exposes can only be described as proprietary spyware. Unless you purposely opt out of functions, and change a lot of things, a truck load of your personal data is being embedded in...
  10. derpOmattic

    Text in my Calendar is dark on dark background and I cannot read it

    I haven't used GNOME calendar in a long time, but I can reproduce what you have. I encourage you to make a "new issue" on Pop's GTK theme repo. https://github.com/pop-os/gtk-theme/issues. There will be a template to follow, and just add your screenshot.
  11. derpOmattic

    Text in my Calendar is dark on dark background and I cannot read it

    Are you using the default dark theme?
  12. derpOmattic

    The importance of open source

    Google is now targeting Chromium based browsers that they say have "abused" the system. Many of your popular browsers will no longer sync with your Google Chrome sync services. Maybe they have a vaild point, or maybe it is a dirty trick they long-played to get people using Chrome again - who...
  13. derpOmattic

    Autocompletion failed on eclipse

    Flatpak integration in Pop-Shop, or CLI for that matter, is only pulling the package from Flathub. So if the recent .deb works fine and the Flatpak doesn't, then I would assume the Flatpak hasn't been updated by Eclipse. You might consider bringing to their attention...
  14. derpOmattic

    Question Solved PoP!_OS 20.10 updates in shop

    If you want to include Flatpak, it would look something like this; sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y && flatpak update -y && reboot Some people like to use the -y flag to make it more automated, but I normally leave it off so I can see what packages are going to upgraded. Maybe there is a...
  15. derpOmattic

    Installing KDE desktop messed up both KDE and GNOME

    Have you got a snapshot to restore to?
  16. derpOmattic

    Installing KDE desktop messed up both KDE and GNOME

    Yes, if you had a system image snapshot of it before you installed KDE.
  17. derpOmattic

    New Pop-Shell Launcher Plugin feature.

    System76's tiling extension for the GNOME desktop environment has proven to be yet another game-changer in the Linux universe. Since it's official release with the upgrade to 20.04, Pop-Shell has continually and consistently improved. Pop-Shell's stability and unique integration with GNOME has...
  18. derpOmattic

    Question Brave Browser Lagging

    There's a few Brave users around, but you might have to be patient. I've never used it. Not noticing that on Firefox or Chromium.
  19. derpOmattic

    Question Solved Dual-Boot option

    Nice. You can use sudo alsactl store while it is in a good state. Then you can use sudo alsactl restoreif necessary.
  20. derpOmattic

    Question Beginner htop unresponsive; f keys don't work

    I assume from the fact you answered after a pause, that it's still not responding correctly. If I remember correctly, I think I saw somewhere you use Kitty? Is that right?