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    I'll get straight to the point.

    When I started Pop!_Planet, I launched it because I saw a need for a centralized community for Pop!_OS. To be frank, I never expected the level of popularity it has achieved. Over the last year, we have gone from under 50 users, to almost 400 users. That's awesome! However... it also comes with a downside. We are rapidly running out of disk space on our server, and the bandwidth costs go up every month.

    Pop!_Planet is not affiliated with System76 in any way, and is funded completely out of pocket. From day one, I said that I'd never use on-site ads (I hate them as much as you do), so the only monetization we get is through donations. Right now, the donations we receive don't even cover our overhead.

    I know that most users will ignore this message, and that's ok. However, if even a few of our users are willing and able to donate a few dollars to help offset our expenses, it would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. derpOmattic

    Some things you should know about Zoom, if you value privacy.

    This article from the intercept was created to help anyone who is intending to leak Zoom video. However, what it exposes can only be described as proprietary spyware. Unless you purposely opt out of functions, and change a lot of things, a truck load of your personal data is being embedded in...
  2. derpOmattic

    New Pop-Shell Launcher Plugin feature.

    System76's tiling extension for the GNOME desktop environment has proven to be yet another game-changer in the Linux universe. Since it's official release with the upgrade to 20.04, Pop-Shell has continually and consistently improved. Pop-Shell's stability and unique integration with GNOME has...
  3. derpOmattic

    Guide Beginner Getting Started With Command-Line: Beginner's Crash course.

    Back in April I wrote Getting Started With Command-Line: Autojump, which introduced some basic use, but focused on some excellent navigation tools. As an addendum to that guide I'm posting an excellent crash course to Bash that I thought would be significantly helpful to a beginner. It's easy to...
  4. derpOmattic

    2021 Screenshot Thread

    Posting Guidelines Do not post full resolution screenshots directly to this thread! You're welcome to post full resolution screenshots, as long as they're posted as thumbnails. Please be courteous and remember that not everyone has great internet. You're also welcome to use a third-party image...
  5. derpOmattic

    Beginner Mattermost themes to suit Pop, OR, learn how to do it yourself.

    When people discover Pop!_OS, it's almost inevitable that they'll find their way to the live chat support via Mattermost. It's a great platform for asking questions in real time, but lacks any kind of usable archive - That's where Pop!_Planet comes into the picture. Mattermost is a high trust...
  6. derpOmattic

    Keep your chicken warm with the KFCONSOLE.

    That's right! A gaming console that keeps your chicken warm. :ROFLMAO: I'm posting this for the fun of it, but it is a serious collaboration between KFC and Coolmaster, powered by Intel Core i9 9th Gen. It has a "Hot swappable GPU slot", which they claim is "first-of-its-kind". Additionally...
  7. derpOmattic

    Have you ever checked Linux?

    Lol, :p
  8. derpOmattic

    Update the recovery partition after upgrade.

    Having options when things go wrong with your system is essential. I've always had system back ups and a method to quickly restore my config files, which gives me peace-of-mind and saves me from the stress of potentially losing everything. I have endured a massive digital loss long ago while...
  9. derpOmattic

    Pop!_OS 20.10 is officially released!

    System76 have announced the version upgrade to 20.10 is available. Early adopters may benefit from a much newer kernel and the ability to have multiple apt sources. Read more on the System76 blog.
  10. derpOmattic

    GTK4 on the way

    We're starting to see details about the upcoming release of GTK4. Some things seem a little trivial, but there's definitely some major improvements on the way. GNOME is starting a monthly update to demonstrate what their devs have been doing. Maybe you'd like to keep an eye on that blog.
  11. derpOmattic

    Identifying computer ports

  12. derpOmattic

    Important for USA residents.

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation are trying to make people aware of an extremely important threat to the security and privacy of US citizens: The EARN IT act will be devastating for discussion forums just like this one. Please educate yourself and respond appropriately if you can.
  13. derpOmattic

    [NEWS] GNOME will implement a new versioning scheme with the next release.

    It seems they're changing things up. The reasons can be seen here.
  14. derpOmattic

    Pop-Shell, Stacking Mode and System76 keyboards.

    Continue reading...
  15. derpOmattic

    Popsicle is now available as a Flatpak

    System76's head desktop engineer has surprised us again - Popsicle, the ISO writing tool that we know and love as Pop's default, is now available as a Flatpak. It was always possible to build Popsicle for other distros, but creating a Flatpak makes it immediately available to any Linux user...
  16. derpOmattic

    Kernels: Installing and Removing.

    Before you begin, I advise you to make a back up of your system. Anytime you want to play with the kernel, boot partition or BIOS, ALWAYS make a back up. There's many ways to achieve the goal of installing a different kernel in Linux, but by far the easiest I've seen is, the Ubuntu mainline...
  17. derpOmattic

    The "Things to consider before upgrading to 20.04" thread.

    I think the large majority of successful upgrades has slipped under the radar, possibly being a case of "no news is good news". We've certainly seen the people who have had issues upgrading to 20.04 though. A couple times people have contacted me asking if it is safe yet. The answer is always...