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    I'll get straight to the point.

    When I started Pop!_Planet, I launched it because I saw a need for a centralized community for Pop!_OS. To be frank, I never expected the level of popularity it has achieved. Over the last year, we have gone from under 50 users, to almost 400 users. That's awesome! However... it also comes with a downside. We are rapidly running out of disk space on our server, and the bandwidth costs go up every month.

    Pop!_Planet is not affiliated with System76 in any way, and is funded completely out of pocket. From day one, I said that I'd never use on-site ads (I hate them as much as you do), so the only monetization we get is through donations. Right now, the donations we receive don't even cover our overhead.

    I know that most users will ignore this message, and that's ok. However, if even a few of our users are willing and able to donate a few dollars to help offset our expenses, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Very bright screen when the computer wakes up from suspend

    When I shut down my computer via the suspend option. Then when I turn on the computer I have a very bright screen. I have to touch the brightness adjustment slider and then the brightness level returns to the correct setting. Is there any way to fix this so that the system remembers the screen...
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    Dual-boot no boot menu after BIOS update.

    Thank you for your help. I decided to reinstall the system. Out of curiosity I chose the "Refresh Install" option and that solved the whole problem. The system was fixed, the settings of all programs were preserved! I just added the Windows EFI entries to the Linux EFI from again. I am extremely...
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    Dual-boot no boot menu after BIOS update.

    I already tried this method (I wrote about it in the first post). It didn't work, I tried it again today - it can't mount boot/efi/Efi because it doesn't exist (although it's visible on the disk). Never mind, maybe I'll reinstall the system from scratch one day, although setting it up and...
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    Dual-boot no boot menu after BIOS update.

    pop-os@pop-os:~$ [ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo "Installed in UEFI mode" || echo "Installed in Legacy mode" Installed in UEFI mode pop-os@pop-os:~$
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    Dual-boot no boot menu after BIOS update.

    Oh, I understand everything. Here is the result: pop-os@pop-os:~$ lsblk -o NAME,FSTYPE,FSSIZE,MOUNTPOINT NAME FSTYPE FSSIZE MOUNTPOINT loop0 squashfs 2.1G /rofs sda iso9660 ├─sda1 iso9660 2.2G /cdrom ├─sda2 vfat └─sda3 ext4...
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    Dual-boot no boot menu after BIOS update.

    Live USB started. I mounted the Microsoft EFI partition and the EFI Linux partition with the Disks application. Using the Files GUI, I copied the Microsoft directory from the Microsoft EFI partition to the boot / efi / EFI directory. Unfortunately, that didn't help either. I cannot boot linux...
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    Dual-boot no boot menu after BIOS update.

    It's weird. Yesterday I still had access to linux using the boot menu (BIOS), today I only have the choice as in the picture above. (twice Windows Boot Manager)
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    Dual-boot no boot menu after BIOS update.

    I deleted the Microsoft directory from boot / efi / EFI I'm trying to copy efi Windows to Pop efi sudo cp -r /media/drk/F690-B569/EFI/Microsoft /boot/efi/EFI I have a message that such a directory cannot be created
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    Dual-boot no boot menu after BIOS update.

    Hi. I have windows and Pop!_Os on one drive. I followed the instructions: https://pop-planet.info/forums/threads/copy-the-microsoft-bootloader-into-pops-efi-beginners-guide.357/ Everything worked beautifully until the BIOS was updated from Windows. Now I have no selection menu from the machine...