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    I'll get straight to the point.

    When I started Pop!_Planet, I launched it because I saw a need for a centralized community for Pop!_OS. To be frank, I never expected the level of popularity it has achieved. Over the last year, we have gone from under 50 users, to almost 400 users. That's awesome! However... it also comes with a downside. We are rapidly running out of disk space on our server, and the bandwidth costs go up every month.

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  1. kira

    Error to install / uninstall any app...

    I came back to let you know or whoever will install Piper, that the software gave me some headaches. Although i did not save any profile, i found 3 of them after i reinstalled it. Why I reinstalled it, you might ask.. I did a 'fresh' install of Pop and after a week or so, someone(🐙 🦗🦠🦟🐜🐞 ?? )...
  2. kira

    Pop!_OS 20.10 is officially released!

    Great! I wonder what Pop has prepared for us :unsure:, because on the other side...uMbuntu's...is some sort of turbulent flow. And I will bound this with another news regarding 'the reasoning' of the why the lead dev of Arch Menu left, he said...GNOME's shifting sands. The day is creappy...
  3. kira

    Question Screen tearing while watching videos full screen on exterenal monitor on Oryx Pro (ORYP3)

    Yeap, it is exactly that. Just because you're an upgrade sucker, that doesen't mean screen tearing will just vanish.. You will face it.. for sure, when you will 'test that thing called LIFE ' again. I am a kid'o...or I just act like one...but I don't have any tearing or laggy videos.. old man. 📌
  4. kira

    PubKey Problems in Spotify Update

    Yes it can, but Pop!_Os and it's users don't like to be bound to the corporate machine. You are free to do what to you like. In the near future a lot of ubuntu based distros will turn to debian, because of snaps.
  5. kira

    PubKey Problems in Spotify Update

    I said I done IT. NO snap ! On Pop!_Os.
  6. kira

    PubKey Problems in Spotify Update

    #Back To Black - Amy Winehouse ❤ playing now on spotify
  7. kira

    PubKey Problems in Spotify Update

    You didn't pay attention what @TechnologyMan101 have said.. :whistle: I wanted to offer another possible solution, via wine->wine staging->tricks but I thought let's try that one... and voilà SCREENshot on imgur of my desktop Kira is a new user of Spotify 😴 It's working perfectLLy TechnoMan...
  8. kira

    Installing POP_OS Alongside Manjaro

    Yes and then install alongside.. bla bla bla Sometimes it get messed up. You better wait for @derpOmattic. He will be probably be back after 10 AM in the morning.
  9. kira

    Thinkpad [x1e gen 2] bars appearing on screen

    That's right! And that is because I don't post to this section often, the reasoning behind is I love so much Thinkpads and laptops in general. But was your 'avatar' who draw my attention. You had a chat lately with somebody else and I was curious about your tehnical expertise. And you thought...
  10. kira

    Changing graphics driver in Pop OS

    WOW ! War Thunder.. what a great game. Like one in a million, right @wilfy ? I really have to revive my old 'habits'... think I spend to much time rumbling^ uMbuntu's spying nests. The Victory Is Ours 💯
  11. kira

    Question Beginner INTERNAL Microphone Not Working

    Well is not about fixing... @derpOmattic suggested to try an older version of Pop, prior to 19.10.. meaning 18.04 But if you think, by installing on your 20.04 an 'default' 19.10 kernel, will solve the issue.. go ahead ! Your 'success' will tell a lot about this release of 20.04.. at least for...
  12. kira

    Thinkpad [x1e gen 2] bars appearing on screen

    His problem has nothing to do with BIOS nor with operation system. It's a panel issue. By turning brightness and/or contrast, up and down he's just increase or decrease the effect. He said is only at the bottom, that leads to a presumed manufacturing defect. 'His' backlight bleed dosen't look...
  13. kira

    Stuck at a gray screen after latest upgrade

    Done it my way, no run file & no apt-hold :devilish:
  14. kira

    Cannot boot into log-in screen; can't refresh the install, either.

    Those are not solutions. I just pointed out a few things which could cause that failed install of yours. You may also check the hdd/ssd especially if is new. Did you had any other OSes installed on ? So.. if you have hardware("LTS failed, possibly due to a hardware error.") eliminated from the...
  15. kira

    Cannot boot into log-in screen; can't refresh the install, either.

    If other upcoming solutions will not help, consider a failed install or a bad "installer" and think until the iso file itself. If the issus lies somewhere at the hardware level: - change USB port - put the hdd/ssd in another case
  16. kira

    Font size too small.. need help!!!

    Go to settings -> universal access -> hit Large Text button. If that is not big enought, install GNOME Tweaks from Pop!_Shop, under Fonts you have another set of settings as well as Scaling Factor at the bottom
  17. kira

    Error to install / uninstall any app...

    You're welcome ! Remember that.. gnome is s l u g g i s h --> 🐌 The mouse is set to 1600 dpi, on other non-gnome distros I go with 800 dpi and it moves faster 🤧 Yeah.. who knows ! good that you didn't get any Pokémon Go 🤩
  18. kira

    Intermediate Feels... sluggish?

    And it came to what end ? Faster.. slower what ? :)
  19. kira

    I tried to create the bootable drive and Pop! ruined two thumb drives

    He is right about something.. The first downloaded iso file of 20.04 was kind of 'corrupted'.. didn't get any prompt in that regard but it was a failed install(256 checked) on bare metal. The sha256sum dosen't quarantees a 'healthy' install. Ok? my opinion.. It didn't destroyed the thumb drive...
  20. kira

    Problem setting up a dual boot with Win10

    There could be the problem ! I'm not that tecky when it comes to that, but after a discussion with him, I understood accordently to my motherboard and my setup in bios. But first I have a suspicion that your Win10 is running in Legacy mode. At least in my case, if I change from Legacy to UEFI...