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  1. evertiro

    Ability to customise the dock visibility & position

    I highly doubt that'll get rolled into Pop officially, but it's conceivable that Planet could create our own 'official' extension.
  2. evertiro

    Suggestion: Pop!_shop progress bar

    I never actually realized that was missing... interesting. It's certainly worth considering!
  3. evertiro

    Pop!_os on my new Darter Pro

    Glad to hear it, welcome to the family!
  4. evertiro


    Welcome to the family!
  5. evertiro

    Hi there!

    Welcome aboard! Nice to see another old-timer who remembers the pre-386 days!
  6. evertiro

    Question Like and Like

    The "smaller" one is the one built into the system. The two larger ones are an extended like system we implemented to add a bit more variety to the "like" options. TBH I just forgot to hide the original one...
  7. evertiro

    Question Cannot switch monitors on Wacom Cintiq 12wx

    Nope, not Canada. I'm in the US (Nebraska).
  8. evertiro

    Question Cannot switch monitors on Wacom Cintiq 12wx

    I wish... unfortunately, I've never had the opportunity to experiment with a cintiq (though I'd love the opportunity to try).
  9. evertiro

    Old doing some new

    I feel like that was pointed at me...
  10. evertiro

    Question Solved Disable Visual End of Scroll Feedback?

    Glad to hear you figured it out! I meant to do a bit of research for you, but got busy... sorry :(
  11. evertiro

    Question Wifi keeps disconnecting/not working

    Welcome! I haven't seen that particular issue before. Just for my reference so I don't have to find it again, you're using a Qualcomm Atheros QCA6174 wireless adapter. I'll do a bit of research, but @mmstick may know offhand.
  12. evertiro

    Question NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 FE as GTX 1180

    @mmstick may be the most likely to have an answer to that one...
  13. evertiro

    Question boot/efi Partition

    Sounds to me like it's defaulting to the Windows EFI bootloader and ignoring ours completely. Did you try accessing your motherboard boot menu?
  14. evertiro

    Question Solved Disable Visual End of Scroll Feedback?

    Where are you seeing it specifically? I tested a few things and haven't found that yet.
  15. evertiro

    Question Solved Touchpad Drivers

    With many distros (including Antergos) the live image is very different than the installed image, displaying only a small subset of the packages available to the user. As a result, things like the touchpad drivers may not be present until after the installer has processed them. With Pop, the...
  16. evertiro

    Question Solved Touchpad Drivers

    I've never had a laptop that failed to recognize the touchpad under Pop. That said, it's always possible. But most touchpads will work fine with the default drivers. Try booting the live image. If it works there, it'll work when installed.
  17. evertiro


    Good to have you!
  18. evertiro

    I don't use index page a lot ...

    ah! gotcha. It's definitely still a work in progress!