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boot problem

  1. vitorhpmelo

    System Freezing, then crashing and crashing boot

    Hello, I installed a new ssd m.2 in my notebook, and made a dual boot with windows on it. But now when I open some tasks the Pop OS Freezes and I have to reboot, when i do the boot partition is crashed, i ran the "sudo dmesg | grep -i error" command, the errors that appeard was: [ 0.487301]...
  2. K

    Question Pop_os unable to boot and shows weird screen on HP 14-an030AU AMD A6

    Hi, I am new in Pop_os. I was using Ubuntu MATE before I decide to try Pop_os on my old laptop, HP 14-an030AU. However, there is a strange behaviour of my laptop when booting. It shows like glitched screen, and my laptop is freezing. I need to do force shutdown before it back to normal. It...
  3. armadill013

    No login screen anymore after locale changes and pam errors

    My Pop!_OS does not show the login prompt anymore and I can't open tty with the `ctrl+shift+F5` option. The screen is just dark grey, without the user pictures or password login prompt. The version is 20.10 and I have a Lenovo x1 carbon 8th gen. Before the issue, I did some changes to the...
  4. zombiewafle

    Freeze on Boot Pop!_OS 20.04

    Today I started my laptop as always, you know typing the password to decrypt my storage, but instead of boot like normally appears a services loading screen(that's what I think it is) , and it's stuck on Started Network Manager Script Dispatcher Service, then I tried to reboot it, and now it's...
  5. JaegerW

    Question Solved Installation issue on G20CB Asus Rog

    Hello everyone! Let me get started with the fact that I am a fresh linux user who normally works on windows 10, so excuse my newbism. I have been trying to install a few linux distros on this machine to no avail, where I have succesfully installed ubuntu on my laptop! This system seems to be...
  6. U

    Solved Pop OS doesnt boot after install

    I have been using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on my laptop (full drive install) and decided I wanted to try Pop OS (20.04 LTS). I created the installation media and booted into it to install (overwriting ubuntu for a full drive installation). Everything goes fine until it gets to the part where it says I...
  7. K

    Intermediate Lenovo T580 With Lenovo Doking Station Pro 40AH. Not Working. on PopOs 20.10

    Hi All I am transfer from Win10 > PopOs 20.10 and have some difficulties with T580 Optimus Intel with Nvidia mx150 on Docking Station Pro 40AH. When i want to close the Laptop display and only want screen only on second screen, that is not working, i have tried both Mirror and Single display...