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dual boot

  1. C

    Problem setting up a dual boot with Win10

    Hello everyone, I'm kinda new to Linux and want to try the adventure (again) as many many things have evolved since I tried it 12y ago (Mandriva then Ubuntu). I decided to go for PopOS because I'm a gamer/data scientist, and the project appealed me (plus it's based on Ubuntu, so easy to find...
  2. J

    How to dual boot when Windows 10 BitLocker encrypts my whole drive?

    Hi, yesterday I bought a new HP ENVY 13 x360. https://support.hp.com/ee-en/document/c06703649 It came with Windows 10 preinstalled, and it also has the whole drive encrypted. I wanted to dual boot this computer with Manjaro Linux, as it is necessary for my university to have linux. After...
  3. E

    Question Beginner Setting Up Dual Boot, but There's No boot/EFI folder on New Pop!_OS 20.04 LTS Installation

    So, on my installation of Pop!_OS, there's no boot/EFI folder. I'm trying to set up a dual boot system, having already installed Windows. I have Pop and Windows on separate NVME drives. It's been a pain trying to follow this guide because it doesn't seem to apply to this installation. I have...
  4. H

    Question Dual booting Win10 and Pop, having to manually boot into Pop

    Kia ora, I installed Pop OS onto my machine maybe 2 weeks ago now as I was wanting to get into using Linux as my main OS. I'm currently dual booting with Win10, both on different nvme drives as I wanted to keep my windows install clean and it's only a 250gb drive that it was installed on. It...
  5. JohnnyS318

    Question Intermediate Boot order corrupted after installing Pop_Os

    I tried to install Pop Os alongside my Windows Os on my Acer Aspire 5 A515 52G. After a failed attempt and a clean wipe of my SSD, I followed the Guide on the official Pop_Os! Website. It states that Pop_Os should be installed first and that seemed a bit strange. But it is encouraged because in...
  6. Abu Huraira

    Guide Beginner How can I enable the grub menu? Duel-booting with Windows.

    I am dual booting Pop!OS with Windows 10. I want to access the grub menu so that during boot I can decide which OS will be boot. It shows a blank screen during boot and by default it starts Pop!OS. How can I enable the grub menu?
  7. M

    Question Beginner Missing Windows 10 option in GRUB menu after reinstall Pop OS

    Hi all, I just recently made a move from Windows to Linux-Ubuntu (around a month) then I decided to switch to Pop OS yesterday due to too many bugs and dependencies issues to fix. I have high expectation for this distro and hope it won't upset me like the previous one. At the first Pop OS...
  8. aleiex

    Dual boot Windows 10 and Pop_OS! 20.04 in separate drives in EFI mode - no choice screen?

    Hello everyone! I recently installed Pop OS! in a new SSD along with Windows 10 in a different drive (previously installed), during installation I selected the EFI option at the beginning of the disk with PopOS. After restarting and configuring PopOS, I restarted again and I can't get to the...
  9. S

    Question Solved Dual-Boot option

    I followed the steps mentioned here: https://pop-planet.info/forums/threads/copy-the-microsoft-bootloader-into-pops-efi-beginners-guide.357/ to get dual boot option. But when I restart I get two options 1. Pop-Os 2. Reboot into Firmware Interface After choosing the 2nd one it redirects into Boot...
  10. subhaac

    Question Don't see a drive to install Pop OS to (Dual Boot Windows 10)

    This is my current disk set up. When I boot into Pop OS to install it, I don't see any drives to install it to I created a 120GB partition for /root and another 25GB partition for /boot/efi but I still don't see any change. How do I fix this and install Pop OS into that 120GB partition?
  11. J

    Question No Grub showing after switching from Kali (dual boot)

    Hi guys, I've recently switched from Kali Linux to Pop!_OS (it's a nice distribution btw) as my main Linux distribution and I have a dual boot with WIndows 10. Everything was working fine before and I installed Pop!_OS with this partition scheme (see attached file). During the installation I...
  12. derpOmattic

    Guide Beginner Copy the Microsoft Bootloader into Pop's EFI - Beginner's Guide

    Before you start setting up a Pop!_OS dual-boot system, you are strongly advised to study the System76 documentation on dual-booting to understand better what steps are necessary. It's essential that you do because if you make a mistake, you could lose years of personal files. Take your time and...
  13. J

    19.04 - dual boot installation error

    Hi guys, I'm trying to install pop os 19.04, on my laptop clevo/sager, I7-7700hq, GTX1060, on a dual boot system. I have a 256GNvme disk were windows is installed and I want to install pop Os on a SSD disk, so I'm not sharing the same root disk, only the boot. I've encounter several problems...
  14. balumalli

    Question boot/efi Partition

    i'm using Linux dual boot with windows so when selecting partitions to install Pop_OS if i use g parted i have to completely format my hard drive but i saw selecting from graphical hard drive bar i can select partition then i rebooted to windows then i created root,home,swap and boot/efi...
  15. derpOmattic

    Beginner Choice Advice For Linux First Timers

    Thinking about taking your first steps into the Linux world? Admittedly, there is a huge learning curve when adjusting to a new operating system, so sit back, and I’ll walk you through a crash-course in Linux 101! The following is the result of my first two years of experience with Linux...