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  1. A

    Question Solved Pop OS 18.04 wont install - Says Hardware Error

    Hi! I am trying to install Pop OS 18.04 with NVIDIA ISO (as i have NVIDIA GPU) but i get error when i try to install it. I attached the installer log bellow so there are the actions i tried to do. How can i resolve this? Any help is valuable!
  2. Grinch_

    Question Beginner Pop OS 19.04 installer not showing my hard drive

    Hi, I wanted to install Pop OS.When I came across the drive selection screen,there was nothing,but disks & gparted both seem to recognize my drives.
  3. SL7Bot

    No installation candidate on every software

    Hi, so I wanted to install steam on my laptop and my problem is that, if I try to install it it just says that I have no installation candidate. First the problem was that it tried to download the i386 packages even though I have a AMD Ryzen 5. the I removed the architecture by doing: dpkg...
  4. Gnuserland

    Post Installation part I & II

    Hi folks, I have been writing about my personal post-installation. You can find the current links below: Part one: https://write.snopyta.org/gnuserland/post-installation-work-in-progress Part two...
  5. J

    19.04 - dual boot installation error

    Hi guys, I'm trying to install pop os 19.04, on my laptop clevo/sager, I7-7700hq, GTX1060, on a dual boot system. I have a 256GNvme disk were windows is installed and I want to install pop Os on a SSD disk, so I'm not sharing the same root disk, only the boot. I've encounter several problems...
  6. Gnuserland

    [RESOLVED] Extending the root partition?

    Hi folks, I described a method to extend the root partition adding a second disk, all that I am doing is a preparation for a real installation. The method is available at the following link (no tracking, no seo, no google, nothing) hence I will avoid to rewrite it...
  7. Gnuserland


    Hi Guys, this is Gnuserland and this is my first post. I am a Serval laptop owner since the 2017 but I've never used POP nor Ubuntu on it. Now I am trying to install POP!_OS but the installation is not working out as I would be expected... :rolleyes: I am narrating my misadventure on a blog...
  8. derpOmattic

    Solved Installation Boot Failure.

    One of my boxes has a weird quirk that is worth documenting. To all appearances, it's a boot failure that is remarkably similar to one involving Secure boot. In the last two to three years I’ve tested over 40 distros, some of which were installed multiple times when I fudged them up and...