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Question 50% of RAM not being detected

James McIntyre

Founding Member
Dec 2, 2018
Hi guys,

I've just got a new budget laptop and installed Pop on it. So far it seems to be working great apart from the fact that it's only detecting 2 out of 4GB of RAM and is therefore going into overdrive when ever I have a few programs open at once. I'm looking to upgrade the ram at some point anyway but I'm not sure why Pop doesn't seem to be using one of the channels?

Can anyone help?





Trusted User
Mar 29, 2019
There is some difference between Rams, width 64 bit and 8 bit, one is Sodimm LPDDR3 that is used by laptops another is Dimm DDR3 that is used by PC. So either your BIOS have some issues or your memory is incompatible with your PC or it can't work with which other. Did it work previously with another system?
If not, try to use only 1 RAM stick in 2 different slots, then only another RAM stick in 2 different slots, maybe try use eraser to clean the contacts of your RAM (Don't push hard when cleaning contacts).


Founding Member
Jan 6, 2019
Well, both modules are detected, but for some reason 2GB is not being utilized. Couple of questions.

1) Did you install the second 2GB, or was it included with the system?

2) Does this system have discrete video or onboard "vampire" video? If it's the second, it could be configured incorrectly and is taking up 2GB of your system memory.

EDIT: Your screenshot above answers question 2. Onboard video. Check the BIOS or EFI setup. Make sure that the onboard video isn't configured to take up 2GB.

Sometimes the amount of RAM reported will seem to be slightly "off" from what you know is in there - example, My Thinkstation S20 has 8GB but htop says it's 7.77 GB. That's just down to how it's calculated. This isn't that problem :D


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