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    I'll get straight to the point.

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A few constructive criticism, ideas and suggestions for POP_OS!


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Sep 17, 2019
Greetings developers, i'm a huge fan of POP_OS! and i share my following ideas, in hope of making this distribution as good as it is possible ( so i share my toughts)

Whats good in POP_OS?
1. Because it has unique features, like the option to easily upgrade the system. This is one unique feature that i appreciate. Very useful and good !
2. I like that Feral gamemode is in the repository along whit all of the 32 bit AMDGPU libraries that is essential for normal usage.
3. I like that the updates don't break !
3. I like the POP OS Power Management of the POP_OS ! Very good, and i noticed that during summer my GPU fan speed rises according to temperature. Not many distro can can do this as great as POP OS does.
4. What i noticed that the monitor calibration on POP_OS is one of the best out there. Colors during video playback are very good, vivid and well balanced.
5. I can select which GPU to render whit just a single click ! To my knowledge only POP OS has this feature.

What i don't like about POP_OS!

1.It is based on Ubuntu, overall Ubuntu isn't a bad distro, and Canonical did quite a lot of good things to make the Linux Desktop experience, but this come whit certain disadvantages.
What are the disadvantages?
*It is not rolling release, so everything about the mesa drivers and kernel stays very dated for months until the next release comes (and it won't fix it, even then)
*Because we are talking about Ubuntu, and its repository ecosystem, gamers like myself, don't have many options to use the most up to date drivers (like the most up to date mesa whit ACO patches, or the newest kernel), Oibaf, and Paolos repositories aren't stable enough, and filled whit bugs.

Here are things i think would make POP_OS an even better distro for gamers like me
POP_OS! should be based on Fedora. And Here is why:
Fedora has well balanced stability whit most up to date packages. Its rock solid.
Its has RPMFUSION and COPR repository. These too repos are basically a dream for gamers, it has all the necessary codecs, it has rock solid up to date kernels whit Valce Fsync patches and ZEN optimisations, and there is at least two major maintainer, that gives you the most up to date mesa packages, and improvements almost every day, the maintainers can be even contacted using Discord, and one of them Valve approved maintainer (xxmitsu).
People get the latest and greatest, and that is very important for gamers !
2. POP OS should have a BFQ I/O sheduler for better SSD speed. This is by far the most annoying thing about POP_OS. When i use my SSD whit POP_OS. Game stutters, load times are huge. And the experience is terrible ! Especially for those users that owns a DRAM less SSD. There are quite a few users that wants BFQ I/O sheduler enabled by default.
3. Why do i think POP_OS should be based on Fedora? Because fedora is the only one right now that cares about gamers. And maybe you guys haven't realised this but POP_OS! as a distro made a name for it self "the OS that defeated windows 10 in gaming benchmark". Fedora whit POP_OS! unique features would be a dream come true for the most of us. Why do double job making your Ubuntu based distro better, when actually Fedora offers superiority, in both stability and performance. You guys are very great at fine tuning things ! Don't waste your time on unnecessary things. You guys can push Linux gaming even further. We need your fine tuning, Don't waste your time whit Ubuntu !

I'm truly passionate when it comes to what your doing guys, I'm in love whit System 76 ideas and goals"to build and offer open source hardware to consumers and for fans". I truly believe in you guys but Ubuntu is not the Future anymore, move away from them ! I truly wish the best for each of you developers, on both the software and hardware segment. I just want you guys to become what you meant to be. And that is open source Apple company. I can see you guys reaching it !

Kind regards from a huge fan !


May 3, 2019
I'm not against gaming in general, but Pop_OS' mission is to accommodate professionals in the first place:

We believe the computer and operating system are the most powerful and versatile tools ever created. We’re building an OS for the software developer, maker, and computer science professional who uses their computer as a tool to discover and create.
You're about to change system76's mission regarding Pop_OS ;)

P.S.: we're lucky of having such professionals behind Pop_OS at System76, that even for gaming this OS is one of the best in Linux&FOSS world.
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