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Ability to customise the dock visibility & position


New member
May 15, 2019
I know every distro has its own vision and style and I respect that, so this is just a friendly suggestion. But one thing I've noticed since using Pop is that my workflow is slower due to the fact I have to keep clicking 'Activities' or pressing the relevant keyboard button to bring up the overview where I can access the dock. Now I do like that the dock stays out of the way because it frees up some nice screen space! But it would be nice if there was an option to make it show by simply hovering the mouse over it and also to have it just permanently stay visible, in addition to its current behaviour.

I know there is an extension for this called 'Dash to Dock' (https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/307/dash-to-dock/), but I think proper integration into the system to make sure the extension is always functional and not bugging out with updates would be nice, if it's possible to do. I find the less I customise a Linux OS with extensions that weren't baked in by default, the more stable the experience is.

Thanks for reading!


New member
May 15, 2019
I highly doubt that'll get rolled into Pop officially, but it's conceivable that Planet could create our own 'official' extension.
That would be cool :)

But yeh, I figured the functionality was purposefully left out to drive people towards a certain workflow style. I just find it way quicker to work in a way where I know exactly where to move the mouse pointer to, to bring up a program - the exact same location everytime I want it. Rather than having to first press a button to then bring up lots of windows all in random positions, scrambling to find the one I want, which is what I feel the design is encouraging me to do. Maybe that makes more sense for coders though. But it wouldn't to hurt to be able to utilise both workflow styles at once - best of both worlds :p



New member
Dec 16, 2019
well, here goes nothing...
Your request above has my vote as well.

In fact, the activities-dock on mouseover, plus including the tweak tool with the POP!_OS installation package would make a huge difference for me.
I just switched to Pop!_OS after many years of using Ubuntu. I am not a computer professional in any way, just a user who prefers Linux over Mac/Micro.
It takes a minimum of three key strokes to open anything in Pop!_OS. Even more, if it the first three letters of the program overlap with other program names.
I don't see the flow there.

Otherwise POP!_OS is a pleasure to use up to now.

(I would not have picked Pop for a name - the results are ambiguous and time consuming, when searching for solutions online)
peace and joy everyone.

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