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Question Bridging USB tethering to Ethernet (was: Sharing wifi over ethernet and wired connection problem)


Mar 7, 2019
Got this brand new NAS thigie, Helios4 and I've been trying to get that thing going properly ..

I have two problems .. my wired connection just won't stay up. Have no idea why.

Also I need to somehow share my wifi (which is internet connection) from my laptop so that Helios can access internets to download what ever it might need.

And yes I have switch I have connected these things.

They rock 10.10.10.x | | network if that makes any difference. Wifi is on dchp via hotspot.

All the help is appreciated!



New member
Dec 10, 2019
1) 10.x.x.x Lan address? Wow you must have a big network. :)
2) From your post it is not clear. Do you have a separate router or is your laptop acting as your router?
3) How is your helios communicating with your laptop if the ether connection wont stay up?
4) If your helios does have a valid wifi connecting with your laptop, and you do have a separate router, then i can't think why your helios cannot see the internet through your router and would need to go thru your laptop.
5) You could post the output of
ifconfig -a
run on both the laptop and the NAS here to see if anyone can spot the problem.
6) In theory if your helios wants to get to the internet thru some other box, it specifies a 'gateway IP address' to use. Normally the DHCP server sets that up for its clients, but it is easy to just edit the /etc/network/interfaces file, or issue the correct ipconfig cmd to do it. But that is only half the story. The box acting as the gateway has to be told to forward the requests it sees. In effect it has to act as a router. If you want your laptop to perform that function that is what you will need to do. I am not sure how. Personal Hotspot on a Linux laptop? Sounds like an interesting problem.
7) If your helios does not have wifi, and its ethernet connection is not working, then all I can suggest at this point is that you might buy a USB wifi adapter for your NAS thingie. You can get a dual band one with decent coverage and range for around $20.00. The software drivers might be a problem though, you would have to experiment.


Mar 10, 2019
weird they made something that doesn't respond to DHCP. you may need to reboot your laptop when connecting to the wired without internet had some weird issues myself. But what you want to do is assign the wired NIC on your machine on the same network. so 10.10.10.y do not assign a gateway. you can also click the option use this connection only for resources on this network. this should allow you to gain access to the device to re-ip etc.


Mar 7, 2019
So I have another question about bridging connections ..

Is there any simple GUI kliketi-klik thingie to setup bridge between USB tethered device and Ethernet?

Would be nice.

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