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Question Beginner Can't re-install Pop! OS


New member
Aug 1, 2020

I installed Pop! OS as the second OS to my computer a few weeks ago. It used to work perfectly. But for some reason, it doesn't boot anymore. So I'm trying to re-install the OS from DVD.

When "Try or install ..." screen comes, I press arrow keys, booting message disappears. Then I press enter. Texts flow on black background.

"ata1: SATA link down"
"ata1: hard resetting link"
"AHCI controller unavailable"
"nvme nvme0 controller is down will reset"

are some of the interesting warnings I get.

Some things to note:
* Secure boot is disabled
* AHCI is enabled
* I had to move the computer case to a different room, then brought back to my study room today. Maybe a loose contact or something?
* I had changed the names and sizes of partitions at my SSD. I guess the name of partitions where Pop! OS stays also changed.


Founding Member
Nov 21, 2018
Denver, CO
The additional failure when you try start the installer would seem to indicate that whether or not you messed something up when you resized partitions, that's not relevant to the issue at hand. In theory, the installer shouldn't complain about much of anything that's on a hard drive, as long as it has some level of access to the hard drive. Worst case would be if it was a format the live image didn't understand, but that'd still give you the option to simply wipe the hard drive and restart.

Since you're experiencing a specific error in the installer, that would seem to indicate a hardware issue of some sort. I'd say the obvious first step is to go into BIOS and see if it detects your hard drive, particularly since you said you just moved the computer twice. While I've never had it happen personally, cables and cards wiggling loose certainly does happen. Since you can get far enough to reach the "Try or install..." screen, we can obviously rule out issues with the motherboard and video card... that just leaves a few options, so start with the things you can quickly test.


New member
Aug 1, 2020
Thank you for the reply!

Both of the storages (SSD and HDD) are detected in the BIOS. I can use them in Windows without any problems.

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