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CS Go not launching


New member
Aug 1, 2020
Hey! I am a very new user to linux as well as pop\_os!. Iinstalled steam from popstore and cs go from steam! I have dell inspiron 3541 amd e1-6010 radeon r2 graphics with 4 gigs of ram. cs go just doesn't launch. All I see is csgo\_linux64 on appbar and it asks csgo\_linux64 stooped responding everytime i launch it. I removed shader pre caching, steam play. Added -nojoy and ran Steam from command line to STEAM\_RUNTIME\_PREFER\_HOST\_LIBRARIES=0 steam. No changes. Please help me pleaseeeeeeee


New member
Sep 10, 2020
i had this for the longest time. i typically installed the steam deb package from the store, or apt install steam... this time i installed the flatpak from the pop shop, downloaded cs:go and it worked without any issue... well one minor issue it launched windowed and the apply changes button was off the screen. but that's way better than not launching at all.

hope this helps, or you've already solved it.

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