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Fellow space cadet checking in


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Mar 10, 2019
Hello all!

Caution: This intro may get a bit long winded

I'm not usually one to participate in distro communities as I generally distro hop and my time with each is brief.

I've found Pop!_OS very endearing and while I cannot justify a System76 hardware purchase I do love their philosophy and was excited to see them spinning up their own distro. I genuinely hope it thrives and sees support for years to come.

So I've been itching to tinker with something as of late and set out to find a laptop that fit the following criteria:
  • Cheap enough to pass as a toy purchase (Happy girlfriend > all)
  • Modern specs (recent generation chipset)
  • FHD
My search actually started by looking at a user Lemur with an i3-7100u but they wanted a bit more than I was comfortable paying for, I figured I could get a better deal if I was patient. A couple weeks later and with a few best offers made I ended up with a pristine condition Dell Inspiron 13 5378 for $300, the seller immediately accepted a lowball offer to my surprise. The amount of processing power you can get for what was painfully slow netbook money in recent years is so exciting to me, I love seeing what these modern "low end" machines can do. I absolutely had to swap an SSD in, it's been years since I've used an HDD in anything but a NAS and upon initial boot to test the laptop I could see why the previous owner was so eager to sell it. They likely thought it was junk because it was a genuine snail race to do anything - it's now a screamer with a Crucial MX500 that really brought out this machines potential (as SSD's tend to do). While beneficial to me, it's a shame for the previous owner who installed 8GB more RAM (could tell because it was non-Dell OEM) likely to try remedying the terrible performance, if only they did a bit more research!

For the spec geeks out there (like myself):
  • i3-7100u
  • 16GB DDR4 (2x8GB)
  • 1TB HDD -> Crucial MX500 500GB
  • FHD Touch Display with Dell Stylus (360 Hinge)
As you would imagine the first thing I did after cleaning the machine off (very lightly used, just a little dusty) and swapping some hardware I prepared a flash drive and started loading up Pop!_OS. As a casual Linux user I really appreciated the drive partitioning tool tips and easy designation after creation. The aesthetic is wonderful, I really love the space theme and you can guess which wallpaper I selected out of the box. Update, upgrade, and I was ready to install Steam and start playing some Slay the Spire. Awesome - Smooth sailing from here! This laptop will be on Pop!_OS for the forseeable future for on-the-road duties!

Kudos to System76 on a sweet little distro and I'm also happy to have found this wonderful site!

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