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Fixing zoom screen sharing under Wayland


New member
Sep 11, 2020
You may have noticed by now that Zoom screen sharing under Wayland doesn't work in PopOS. The reality is, screen sharing functionality actually works; it only doesn't work because zoom is incompetently detecting support using a list of hardcoded distro names or something. So, if you can trick zoom to think that it's running under Debian or Ubuntu it will actually work.
The following post mentions how this can be done:

However, the problem with that is that it's modifying /etc/os-release globally, and I'm not sure what consequences that has. A better way is to use the flatpak version of Zoom and then apply the fix mentioned here:
This way the fix is applied at a much smaller scale. It may still affect multiple flatpak apps, but that's better than affecting the entire OS.

One more thing to note is that the fix mentioned in the flathub GitHub issue is not considering PopOS; it's merely to fix screen sharing when running in flatpak, so you'll need to combine the fix from both those links. Here are the steps:

1- install the flatpak version of zoom

2- Run the following if you have installed zoom as root:
sudo cp /etc/os-release $(flatpak info -l org.freedesktop.Platform)/files/lib/.
sudo flatpak override --socket=session-bus us.zoom.Zoom
or this if you have installed it as user:
cp /etc/os-release $(flatpak info --user -l org.freedesktop.Platform)/files/lib/.
flatpak override --user --socket=session-bus us.zoom.Zoom
You might get an error if you have multiple versions of Platform installed. If so, make the cp call for each of them (or only on the one used by zoom, if you know which one it is). For example:
cp /etc/os-release $(flatpak info --user -l org.freedesktop.Platform//18.08)/files/lib/.
cp /etc/os-release $(flatpak info --user -l org.freedesktop.Platform//19.08)/files/lib/.
flatpak override --user --socket=session-bus us.zoom.Zoom
3- Fix the copy of os-release that you just copied into flatpak's Platform so that the app thinks it's running under debian. i.e:
gedit $(flatpak info --user -l org.freedesktop.Platform//18.08)/files/lib/os-release
Then replace the content with this:
PRETTY_NAME="Debian GNU/Linux bullseye/sid"
NAME="Debian GNU/Linux"
VERSION="99 (sid)"
Again, you will need to do this for all versions of installed Platform unless you know which one is being used by Zoom.

That's it. You should now be able to share your screen. Notice that a future update may overwrite your changes so you might need to re-apply them.

Hope this helps.

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