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Hello World!


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Nov 21, 2018
Aurora, NE
Hello everyone, and welcome to the official Pop!_Planet Introductions forum. This thread serves two purposes: to give you an idea of what should (and shouldn't) be posted here, and to introduce myself to the community.

What should go here?

Who you are! We don't have any specific requirements for posting your introductory post, other than that we encourage you to post something. Communities only work if they maintain a social nature, so we encourage you to post something, introduce yourself, tell us about your background with Linux, etc.

What shouldn't go here?

Support requests, screenshots, etc. There are dedicated parts of the site for support, posting screenshots, general discussion, and the like. Please keep content where it belongs. Besides, if you post a support request here it'll probably get overlooked. We encourage our users to be social, but let's be honest... we don't look for support requests here.

Who am I?

Hi! I'm Dan, and I'm the founder of Pop!_Planet. I was born at a very young age... or is that going back a little too far? I've never been any good at these little intro things, but if I'm going to ask you all to be social, it's only fair that I try to as well! I suppose what anyone who is actually taking the time to read this is interested in would be my technical background, so I'll focus on that.

My first computer was a Tandy TRS-80. By modern standards, it might as well have been a fancy paperweight, but I loved it. In fact, not only was it my first computer, but it was the device which inspired my love of development. Back in the day, I actually wrote a sort of shell replacement for my Trash-80. To this day, I consider it the crowning achievement of my programming career. It wasn't fancy, in fact it didn't do much more than the stock system. However, it had one revolutionary feature... it was a multi-user system. For its day, that was unheard of, but I was tired of people messing with my stuff... so I found a way to keep them from doing it. Unfortunately, I was too young to understand the importance of what I had created. Such is life I guess.

I've been using Linux in one form or another since the early Red Hat days (back when it was still a desktop-oriented distro). Over the years I've been involved with a number of distros in various capacities, and contributed patches to numerous open source projects. I spent several years as a Trusted User, then a Developer for Arch Linux, and eventually stumbled onto Pop!_OS.

If I had to describe Pop!_OS in one sentence, it would be "Ubuntu done right." The Pop!_OS team has put a ton of effort into making their distro the streamlined, user-friendly, efficient system that we all know and love, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Since I always try to give back, I looked for ways to help out the community and realized that there wasn't a great resource for community (Reddit is great and all, but come on), and there wasn't a great documentation system available yet. Those are problems I knew how to solve! Hence, Pop!_Planet was born. With the help and support of various users from the Pop!_OS community, as well as System76 engineers, I'm hoping to bring you the definitive Pop!_OS community resource. Feel free to drop me a note here, or you can find me on the official Pop!_OS chat server using the name Evertiro.

Welcome to Pop!_Planet everyone!
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