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Question help -i /MYOB/GnuCash


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Nov 23, 2018
Converting my admin to Linux was always going to be a challenge. I've got my lead admin excited, but hesitant to move over to Linux, and we've already hit a snag. I'm hoping that if I can sort this one giant hurdle out, it will be smoother sailing. Currently they're on Windows and the lead is on 7 still. Reasons for the ancient OS aside, the office needs to remain functional and yet progress forward. Our main concern is keeping official sales and tax information, which I would like a locally install-able program for, because I don't want to put sensitive data on a cloud, which is essentially 'someone else's computer'. I guess that would save a lot of drama, but I'm a stickler for protocol and security because we handle other people's personal information which I'm truly protective of.
So, I'd like a program to replace MYOB, which exports CSV files. We looked at GnuCash because you are supposed to be able to import CSV files to it, but It didn't work. GnuCash makes and exports QIF files, so in order for our records to be updated to a Linux machine we require something to either convert the files or a program that works as intended. The third possibility is that GnuCash needs a tweak that we're unaware of.
Any advice is welcome. I'm willing to buy software if it works.

EDIT: We're looking at https://www.manager.io/free-accounting-software. There's a desktop and cloud version, has all the features we need and looks modern. Anyone have experience with this program?
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