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Question Beginner Help me tell if I correctly replaced my DE


New member
Jun 18, 2020
Hi, I installed the latest Pop OS version (the AMD/Intel one) but I didn't like Gnome so I tried to replace it with KDE. I never replaced a DE before so there's a couple of issues that I'd like to sort out but I don't know where to begin. I installed kde with the terminal as stated in the official Pop OS guide, and restarted gdm. KDE Plasma did appear in the list of available sessions, so I logged in and was greeted with the default KDE config which I then proceeded to tweak at my own liking. So I wanted to remove Gnome, since I wasn't going to use it anymore. I typed "sudo apt remove pop-desktop" followed by "sudo apt purge gnome*" which found no packages, and then "sudo apt autoremove" which did delete a fair chunk of things.

Now, this kinda worked but not really. When I boot up my PC, I can't see the grub menu and it boots into Pop OS directly (I'm dual booting with Windows 7 on the same drive). Then I get to the default Pop OS login screen, where I can choose the DE. I can see Pop and Plasma, but only Plasma should be there. Then the KDE splashscreen has the wrong aspect ratio, it appears on one side of the screen, the desktop itself works fine. I also noticed that locking the system with KDE shows a different login screen than the one I see when I boot up. I'd like to keep the latter as it lets me use my fingerprint reader whereas the KDE one does not. So it's kind of a mess really. Where did I go wrong?


Founding Member
Jan 6, 2019
You should be able to apt remove pop-session to fix that. Also, it's best to switch to KDM instead of continuing to use GDM if you haven't already.

Edit: Fixed the command from apt purge to apt remove


Trusted User
Founding Member
Nov 23, 2018
Removing pop-desktop breaks Pop.

Pop's default DE, GNOME, shouldn't be removed - that is where you went wrong. You might be able to fix things by using;

sudo apt install --reinstall pop-desktop pop-session pop-default-settings


People have any number of alternate DEs installed, and you can remove any of them, except the default.

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