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Guide Beginner How to install Themes+Cursors for Pop!_OS 19.04


Jun 24, 2019
Fort Pierce, Florida
Hello! You're probably wondering how to install a new theme or new cursor set? Well if you are this guide will be straight forward and to the point!

First off make sure you have a package manager installed. Pop!_OS comes with "Eddy" (https://github.com/donadigo/eddy) Pre-installed.

make sure you have Gnome-Tweaks a.k.a "Tweaks" installed.

In order to install Tweaks enter this command in your terminal.

sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool

Screenshot from 2019-06-26 04-17-49.png

Next run Tweaks by entering the following into your terminal.

Screenshot from 2019-06-26 04-22-03.png

Alternatively, you can search in your applications/activities menu:

Screenshot from 2019-06-26 04-20-12.png

Next you'll need to install ocs-url (https://www.opendesktop.org/p/1136805/) for even easier installation of themes.


Once installing ocs-url by using a package manager (Eddy) you'll want to head to Gnome Look (https://www.gnome-look.org/) and start looking at GTK3 Themes.

After finding a theme you like, (I personally went with McOS-MJV-DARK-V2.0) click Install and select which variant you want in the drop-down menu.


Once you click the file you should see the following appear:


Click install. After you click install you should get an application pop-up. (similar to Windows 10 application pop-ups requiring administrator permissions to install)

Click OK, then give your system a few seconds to make sure everything installs.


After this, logout or lock your computer. (I lock mine, it functions the same for when installing new themes for tweak and it's faster)

once you're back in your system navigate to Tweaks->Appearance and your new theme should be located under the "applications" drop-down menu.


Now you're all set with a theme, without new icons or cursors.

Cursor installations are the exact same.


Hopefully this helps you install new themes and cursors and possibly more! Linux is your PERSONAL COMPUTER, you are free to customize anything and learn how to speak to your computer via the Terminal.


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