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Question Image preview in "open file" dialogue


New member
Jul 21, 2020
So, I'm going a bit bonkers here. I have a directory with all photos/videos from my phone, and I want to post a series of those on FB.


So I get this dialogue. And that seems to be regardless of browser, so I guess it comes from the OS. I need images previews to select the right ones. It works in "Files", and I've set the limit of preview generation to 50MB, and to do it everywhere. Up until now I've been picking out the files in 'Files' and then selected them in the open dialogue, but this is making me increasingly irritated and I really need to fix it somehow.
I haven't started to fiddle around with standard apps just yet. I am willing to switch browser if that helps - The result is the same in Firefox and Chrome. Please help me with this before I chuck my laptop out the window.


Trusted User
Founding Member
Nov 23, 2018
Many people use GSConnect for sharing content between devices. Maybe look at the home page or wiki for more info.

Having said, the thing I would try first is opening an instance of Nautilus with administrative rights. In Terminal type sudo nautilus. Be careful in there and close it when finished.


New member
Jul 21, 2020
Thanks for you quick response!

I might have missunderstood you, but I do not want to send files to another device. The files are already on my local harddrive. I want to select them in an upload dialogue in Firefox. I guess this is some general "choose file" modal window.
Running nautilus with sudo would probably cause files owned by root to be created in my home directory, and further I cannot really see how it would make a difference: All gnome settings, as far as I know, resides under ~/.config.

Did some digging at last: It seems to be unsolved so far.


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