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Solved Pop! Installer _OS cannot see the hard drive on the windows partition


New member
Feb 15, 2021
Good morning :)
I try to switch from Windows to Pop! _OS but somehow it does not work out: / the main reason is that neither Gparted nor the Terminal nor the Pop installer! _OS does not see the HDD that I have plugged into my computer: / I have already installed it once and there was no problem but after making the format through windows settings (back then I had 10), even linux did not want to turn on and I do not say about installing it: / I will not return to windows because I do not even know how it broke, does anyone have any idea?

Screenshot from 2021-02-16 13-49-10.png

Screenshot from 2021-02-16 13-50-01.png


Trusted User
Founding Member
Nov 23, 2018
Sounds tricky. I'd make a live USB of Gparted, boot into that and wipe the drive. Then format the drive in ext4. If you have secure boot and fast startup disabled, the Pop USB should now work and see the drive.

Making a live Gparted is the same as you did for Pop. Download the amd64 ISO, verify the checksum, and burn the image to USB. You can do all this from within the live Pop session. Use Popsicle to check and burn the image.

Any further problems please check this first.


New member
Feb 15, 2021
The problem was and this is not about the disk or the installer or the disk partition, but about the fact that from the moment I turned up the processor in the BIOS, linux any kind of fanfare on this disk and did not want to start only windows turned on, I reset the bios settings to zero and again I have 2.5 GHz but everything works as it should :) But thank you for the answer, except that I do not know how I have such a drop in performance in World Of Tanks Blitz (it is about instant cuts to 20 fps where on windows it was 60fps constant ) but maybe I can handle it, thank you and the topic to be closed :)

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