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[QUESTION] How to Install Linux Xanmod to Pop OS?


New member
Feb 21, 2020
Hi There Guys!

Thank you before to have read my thread here, and I hope someone could help me regarding my issue that I have here.

So, I tried to Install Linux Xanmod kernel to Pop OS recently but after Installation I found that Nvidia Driver broke and after further Investigation I found that the dkms of the Nvidia Driver installation is failed. I've tried to reinstall the Nvidia Driver via APT but still failed to install the Driver to Linux Xanmod.
If there is any log, or anything that I could provide to help you understand my problem clearer feel free to hit me up I'll be glad to provide it.

Thank you in advance!


Sep 4, 2020
Hi there!
Greetings and Salutations!
I am a Linux user, unregistered.. because I want to stay anonymous :confused: I jumped from XP Sp2 into Linux with my gaming due to proton and steam
I love Linux, Open Source, music, movies and gaming of course!

I don't think that this will help you, but when I will ( if ) solve this I will post here.

There is some kind of conflict Xanmod + Nvidia + Debian.
What you describe here happened to me on several debian based disros.
Still.. Cris Titus Tech as you can see here have them all on 20.04 but with AMD and UEFI.
Don't know what he is doing BEFORE or AFTER installing those three kernels. I saw only one Benchmark somewhere "in action" xanmode and nvidia. Can't remember but I think the name nvidia was only in the video description.
Don't know what he was doing but my p.c. was stuck in the boot process with four kernels onboard.. had to hard reset it.

I tried :
Linux 5.8 Current Stable (STABLE)
Linux 5.4-rt (stable-real-time) (RT) (STABLE)
The first one gave me NO error, but could not open/load nvidia and the refresh rate was dropped to 24 Hz or 60.
The second one(5.4-rt) gave this error..
Screenshot from 2020-09-04 23-31-31.png

It's work to be done ?? :sick: or we give up.
I could NOT boot into this kernel.
One more thing.. failed to download Linux 5.4 Long term support (LTS) for whatever / whatever reason.

Pop OS + Liquorix kernel was.. bit unstable, but fast.. Gnome was no more Gnome :oops:.The
boot time was unusual longer, flashy then and "scaling" using this method .

Don't wanna give up debian or nvidia but last time I played on 4.10.1 was not a pleasure.
Really nice polish distro Pop OS ! and I really like "that" wallpaper galen-crout-175291.jpg,
"done" some "theming"/"tweaking" but still slow. To me Mate is the balance, but I heard it is fast.. the fastest or the second fastest... in games


Sep 4, 2020
I done it.. I broke Pop_Os, it is dead, I broke it, though the bios is gonna explode but no, it is still alive :unsure:, I worked for 6-7 h or more.
Could not boot UEFI, because thii secuuure-booot-keys from m$ are no longer on my system, I forget/forgot
So I though I will do an uMbuntu install and it took a while but here you have it. XanMode LTS ⚕

Screenshot from 2020-09-05 16-47-51.png

I think I going to stay for a while in Umbuntu. If passed as the fastest kernel I will put it on Ubuntu and that on my gaming rig .

@Easynv if you are still interested I will tell you how but not now because I'm very tired.

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