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Question Remove or merge top bar of window.


New member
Sep 16, 2020
I'd like to be able to remove or merge the windows top bar with to make the real estate smaller on a window. Typically the window title, and close/maximize/minimize buttons are there. I don't know the correct terms to identify the window part to properly search. I tried top bar, but apparently that's the literal top bar of the window manager.

If anyone can either help me name the window part, or if what I want to do is even possible, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

Adam Kadmon

New member
Jul 25, 2020
You might want to give this extension a try.

There's also the No Title Bar extension (from which the above one was forked), and the Pixel-Saver extension from which it in turn was forked. I got this information from the No Title Bar Forked extension's GitHub, here.

I'm after the same effect as you, but these extensions (and a few others I tried that affected the top bar and title bar) all broke suspend on my laptop, so I disabled and removed them - please do let us know how you go, I'm curious as to whether it's a Pop thing or just my rig.


Since I'm digging around in my bookmarks anyway, here are the links to the two other extensions I came across:
"This is based on the no-title-bar extension by franglais125 (https://github.com/franglais125/no-title-bar), which itself is a fork of the Pixel-Saver extension, by @deadalnix: https://github.com/deadalnix/pixel-saver"

And here's a more manual approach using CSS files: https://www.bidon.ca/fr/random/2017-02-25-customizing-gnome-shell-3-20 It might be dated by now but it could come in handy nonetheless.
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Trusted User
Founding Member
Nov 23, 2018
What you're looking for is Window titlebar. There's a couple ways to go about it. You can enable Pop-Shell tiling and toggle the "show window titles" off. If you don't want tiling on, you can look for an example of how to make a custom .css. Someone posted a good example recently. Or you can install a theme that has smaller titlebars. Personally, I'd make a custom .css if it was important to me. Keeping things close to stock will give you rock solid stability. I use Pop-Shell tiling though.


Mar 10, 2019
I think what you are looking for is unite
This allows you to move all the tittle bar stuff to the top window.
I used it for a while worked fine. Personally I am more of a fan of using pop shell with tittlebar off. although there are some applications that don't work for it.

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