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Restarting the xserver via ssh from another PC.


Jul 31, 2019
United States
Hello peeps! I've got a noob question:

How would I restart the x display on a computer running the LTS version of Pop (henceforth referred to as "HOST") via an ssh terminal from another computer running the same version of Pop (henceforth referred to as "CLIENT")?
- What's happened is that anytime I run a graphical application on the HOST that is displayed on CLIENT, the monitor physically attacked to the HOST goes black. Also, if I run midnight commander on the HOST from an ssh'd terminal on CLIENT, the same thing happens.
- In the first example, I ssh'd in using:
ssh -Y user@ip
In the later example (Midnight Commander), I didn't use the -Y argument.
- I figure I just hijacked the display, but have no idea how to give it back.

Here is what I've tried that has not worked: (Typed into the ssh'd terminal on CLIENT)
sudo systemctl restart display-manager
sudo systemctl restart gdm3
sudo service gdm3 restart
Long story short, I share HOST with another person in my house. I shuffle around on it in a terminal doing stuff since it's a much more powerful PC than the laptop I'm on using my own user account while the other person is doing whatever they're doing. It works fantastically unless I have to run an application on the HOST with any graphical component. Since I'm not smart enough to figure out how to give control of the display back, this is a serious point of contention for us..

Also: With whatever solution you suggest - if I do it, will it interrupt file transfers over the local network to a drive on HOST from CLIENT?

Also, also: Does anyone know a better way of going about what I'm trying to do? (Displaying and using graphical apps on the CLIENT that are installed on HOST, without interrupting another person's direct simultaneous use of HOST.)
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