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Roll back Nvidia driver


Mar 29, 2019
Hi, it seems the new Nvidia 440.100 driver has dropped my game fps ~50% and i have never seen gpu temperature above 60. Today i saw 70+ playing COH2.
Not sure if it is the 440.100 but i would like to try previous one.
So how do i go back to the previous driver? I remember in ubuntu it was pretty simple.


Trusted User
Founding Member
Nov 23, 2018
Purge the nvidia drivers and reinstall them. Only way to be sure.

sudo apt-get purge '*nvidia*'
sudo apt install nvidia-driver-440


You may have to update initramfs.


New member
Jul 3, 2020
Yeah, reinstalling 440.100 had no positive effect. Actually more weird graphics problems have occurred.
zerounu have you found a solution?

No. I just had to get used to the idea that I'll be using my machine in the Nvidia Graphics mode until a fix is found. Driver 445.57 should drop soon and it'll hopefully fix this.


Sep 4, 2020
Yeah, reinstalling 440.100 had no positive effect. Actually more weird graphics problems have occurred.
zerounu have you found a solution?
I'm kira and I will guid you to the rabbit-hole 🤫

The installation failed because :
by adding ppa to repository sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
followed by sudo apt install nvidia-driver-440
the ppa will give you the latest/published/kernel/apport/bla bla bla driver

I have a solution for you but it might be tricky... and you gonna do it at your own risk, that means you can break the operation system and potentially, the need to reinstall it if you don't know what to do.
If you want 440.82 particulary there is solution one and solution two to install it.

Solution one :
Normally, you go here grab all or what do you need and install nvidia, but notice that the status of those is superseded and is a build for ubuntu 19.01 - eoan, that means there is a newer version aka 440.100 which you don't want.
You also need probably.. nvidia-setting, which I could not find there, but
here and it's a build for ubuntu 20.04.1 - focal which current Pop_Os is based on.
So grab(download) all
440.82 from that ppa, install them YOUR WAY and good luck with that.

Solution two :
All in one driver for tensorflow-GPU (Game Ready Driver-GRD).

Since I don't know what GPU you have to search it, you can here... but for what(?) reason that 440.82 you can find it only in Arhive located it HERE

Screenshot from 2020-09-17 02-57-54.png

Download it in Downloads folder and it has to be alone.. kind of safer-way, althought you will "execute" only that file.
Now you have to "proceed in mission", but before take a look at the "tutorial" and read the comments.
Follow all those steps and you will be good and be sure that you don't miss one single step
What he forgot(I think?) is "For Ubuntu 16.04 / Fedora / CentOS, excuting sudo systemctl stop lightdm (or use gdm or kdm instead of lightdm) ", take a look. One command should work with sudo or with root privileges.
One other thing you have to take care in order to execute the final command ( ./NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-440.82.run ) meaning installing nvidia-driver-440.82 when the bios is on UEFI mode is to enable the root account. That account is locked by default in Pop_Os 🤬
Steps to enable it here
or you can do it my way and my bios is on LEGACY mode(don't know if matters UEFI/LEGACY)
now to enable your root account or Pop_Os's root account, type.. ONE BY ONE in terminal.
sudo -i
sudo passwd root

The exit command is to leave the root account. Bit confused 🤔 in Pop because it "normally" has to look like this techmint ~ # and not like this root@pop-os: ~ # .

recap : recap --> you have to disable Secure Boot aka Micro$oft secure boot.. Ok???
if your Pop_Os "can" ;) pass that.. then you don't have to
but according to that guy.. Eric Munoz Secure Boot have to be off

1. Secure Boot off-disabled OR Pop_Os with secure keys
2. Root account enabled IN CASE you need it for the final command
3. Downloaded NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-440.82.run in Downloads folder

you done those 3 ???
now you can start from 0:46 and follow the steps to the end
to check after install will be --> nvidia-smi

Are you confident !? then Go!



Sep 4, 2020
lol thx @derpOmattic

the output from "the check command" nvidia-smi should look like this
Screenshot from 2020-09-17 10-43-28.png

only in the top-left corner you will want to see NVIDIA-SMI 440.82


Sep 4, 2020
Should i even use flatpak?
nvidia update? via flatpak via Pop_Shop ?? 🤪 I don't know I'm also confused, I didn't recive anything.. and i'm on open-source driver 440.100. The "update" driver will be 450, but not sure if is proprietary and.. unless you have a very high-end nvidia card / triple AAA games.
Here.. is also info about the driver. So it's your call

heard something about "that kind/way of update".. but, as long as the driver serve your needs why update. Linux gone weird.. right? I want to turn this sluggish gnome into a small rocket. The first install of Pop_Os 20.04 gone boom after installing XanMode :mad: Now I gave it another go.

Thanks for the answers!
"the answer"?.. that is thi way to turn your gpu into a raging beast

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