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Student, New Guy, New Linux, Learning journey on POP!_OS


New member
Mar 7, 2020
Hey Everyone.

New to using Linux and landed on Pop!_OS after looking around a few distro's on and off. (I needed something ubuntu based but pretty)
Always thought System76 systems were a really great idea so thought I'd use the OS.

So a little background.

From the UK, currently a lates 20's Computer Networking and Systems Security student. Worked on some helpdesks and got to a 2nd line position for a major ISP and an SME (glorified 1st liner) for a major IT services company. Always had a lazy interest in computing and just did it for more of a challenging job not knowing what to do with myself having only a Graphics/Illustration college education (not a degree).

BUT NOW!!!!!!!!

I am in my 2nd year of University and finding myself wanting to learn more about linux although my main focus has always been Windows (which I will be completing Microsoft Server Certification in my final year).

I have completed Cisco CCNA1, CCNA2, IT Essentials and Linux Essentials.
Currently studying - CCNA3 and some Cisco Security labs without the official certification.
Soon - CCNA4 , MCSA (Microsoft Server), Cisco DevNet
Potential - Open SUSE, Openstack, AWS, Azure

Aiming to learn more about:

BASH - Will help achieve more with Powershell in future having knowledge of both
Python - Have access to pluralsight and Visual studio through university, I have never programmed.
GNS3 - I have roughly 10 months before I need to start my final year project, so I'm getting in there now.
How linux performs virtualisation - KVM? etc
Docker - Containers interest me, but my technical skill might not be there yet
Security - Working on labs currently, will be hosting small Kali VM's in GNS3 in future for network security.
Cloud - Have Azure access through studies, no rush as AWS training next year too.
Ansible - lecturer believes It'd be right up my street in future

My POP!_OS Laptop:

Thinkpad E595
Ryzen 3700U - 2.3GHz 4c/8t
16GB 2400mhz DDR4 Memory (Single Channel for now)
512GB - Samsung NVME SSD
500GB - Samsung EVO860 SSD

Planned Upgrades - Additional stick of RAM, Larger storage SSD or cloud (pcloud user)

I do also own a PC at home which is my main study machine a windows desktop however the laptop will be a daily driver for learning purposes.

I am also very fortunate to have my very own server at university, cause no one else in my class seemed to want to use it (even though I think that's insane)

HPE - DL380 Gen10
2x Intel Xeon Gold 10c/20t 2.4GHz Processors
192GB ECC Memory
2x300GB 10kSAS in RAID1 - OS : Windows Server 2016 Data Centre
6x300GB 10kSAS in RAID50 - Storage Main (exploring raid configs)

I only use this server for GNS3 Horsepower currently, however I have not started any projects as such as we are still waiting on Cisco VIRL liscensing through college procurement.

I am looking for other suggestions for things I can do with this machine, I was potentially thinking a future docker server for students to access apps etc on a localised server as we are unfortunately unable to network the server for VPN or any form of external access for security reasons.

Sorry for the wall of text, I could potentially use this introduction thread as a bit of a blog of what I'm doing and how I'm finding Pop!_OS, Today is literally day 1 of me using it and moving my laptop to linux and I have a bit of a to do list I will be hoping to achieve this weekend.

If anyone has any information or guides or anything they know of in regards to anything I'm trying to learn I'm welcome to any conversations whilst I'm learning and hope in the future I can potentially contribute back.

TL;DR - Some student decided to use Pop! - he does networking. has future learning aspirations, help he might be actually dumb (or just sounds it)


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Founding Member
Nov 23, 2018
Hi NoiseyNoise, welcome aboard!

That is quite a detailed introduction, which is great, because I believe it is necessary to have challenging goals. As far as information or guides go, just ask what it is you want to know. There probably is something you can find either here at Pop!_Planet or any of the official System76 support sources.


Mar 10, 2019
Nice Server for GNS3 you could also use older VXR images instead of waiting for the VIRL Images to import. Another thing you could look at is instead of running the GNS3 Server directly on the Box you could run it as a VM going through ESXI or Proxmox (Which is kinda Like KVM+LXC Containers with a nice GUI)


New member
Mar 7, 2020
Nice Server for GNS3 you could also use older VXR images instead of waiting for the VIRL Images to import. Another thing you could look at is instead of running the GNS3 Server directly on the Box you could run it as a VM going through ESXI or Proxmox (Which is kinda Like KVM+LXC Containers with a nice GUI)
As I'm going to be learning Microsoft Server admin stuff in year 3, I'm currently planning on running the GNS3 on Hyper-V just to get more acquainted with it overall. ESXi was also a strong candidate choice if Hyper-V gives me issues like it did on my windows desktop.

The rest of the server is more than likely going to be running a lightweight Active directory for other students who wish to use the GNS3 server in future as I acquire more and more images and get them working.

I also wish to use it to learn Ansible and More about docker. Currently got docker-ce on my laptop and looking at KiteMatic for a GUI and Protainer.io for a web interface option see which one would be my go to.

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