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Touchpad drivers messed up


Sep 21, 2020
Heyho, i was trying to get a more precise touchpad and used some codes on another website (https://howchoo.com/linux/the-perfect-almost-touchpad-settings-on-linux-2).

Well the website stated i shouldn't just copy-paste stuff all willy-nilly cause it might break stuff but i had to know it better. Now my touchpad isn't working anymore and i am not sure what to do :D
Can somebody help me out here? Or do i have to reinstall the whole system now?


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Nov 23, 2018
If you're not sure how to "cherry pick" the broken stuff out, I'd recommend a "Refresh Install". A Refresh Install will re-install the OS, but leave your home folder intact. What that means is that you will get a new system, but your config files will still be there after you reinstall programs. It's a really handy feature of the Pop!_OS recovery system. Check out the details here - about half way down the page.
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