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Trying to dual boot Pop_OS with macOS on a Macbook 12" 2017 - Installer crashes just before drive partition section


New member
Oct 21, 2020
Hi all,

I can boot in the Pop_OS live environment fine and for the most part, it works straight away. Bluetooth is not working and neither is sound. But keyboard, trackpad, Wifi all work fine.

I partitioned my drive, which is an NVMe drive from within macOS. 232GB for Pop_OS and 18GB for swap. Both are formatted as FAT32.

Pop_OS can see the partitions in Disks and also GParted. They show up as "nvme0n1p3-4" The issue I am finding from looking at the logs is that within Pop_OS another nvme drive shows up which is nowhere to be seen in macOS. It shows up in Pop_OS as "nvme0n2" and is 8KB of unallocated space and the installer crashes when trying to inspect this drive. Saying that it cannot create a partition table.

[INFO distinst:crates/disk-ops/src/parted.rs:31] opening disk at /dev/nvme0n2
[INFO distinst:crates/disk-ops/src/parted.rs:37] unable to open disk; creating new table on it
[INFO distinst:ffi/src/disk.rs:452] unable to probe devices: failed to create new partition table on "/dev/nvme0n2": Invalid argument (os error 22)
[ERROR distinst:ffi/src/lib.rs:48] libdistinst: pointer in FFI is null
GParted also fails to read the drive saying Invalid argument during seek for read on /dev/nvme0n2.

Has anyone else come across this issue? Is there a solution? As previously said, the drive does not show up at all within macOS and I cannot find any information to confirm what this 8KB secret drive is for.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.




New member
Oct 21, 2020
Gotten a little further with this.

Unfortunately, the links above did not yield any results for me.

I created a partition table on nvme0n2 and formatted it as FAT32. That then allowed the Pop_OS installer to continue past the keyboard layout selection and on to the actual install. I did a full backup of my macOS partition beforehand but I have tested and I can still happily boot into macOS, so who knows what that 8KB drive is.

My issue now is that the Pop_OS installer does not detect the correct partition sizes. The Disks utility and also GParted shows the disks and partitions with all the correct sizes. I have a 230GB root partition, 16GB swap partition, and a 500MB EFI partition ready to use for Pop_OS. These all show up as expected in Disks and GParted, but in the Pop_OS installer in the custom installation menu, they show up ridiculously small. No way near the actual allocated sizes. The EFI one shows up way under 500MB and therefore the installer will not even let me continue. Should also note that the macOS root and EFI partition also show up here with incorrect and dramatically reduced sizes too.

Seems for some reason the Pop_OS installer isn't reading the drive information properly.

Any ideas?

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